Work begins on Ohio Turnpike improvements, new toll equipment


BEREA — Installation of new Ohio Turnpike toll equipment began at several toll booths along the roadway, including in Sandusky County, a spokesperson for the Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission said Thursday.

Work on the Toll Highway’s new Toll Collection System (TCS) includes lane conversions and the removal of gates at toll booth interchanges, as well as the new construction and renovation of toll booths on the main line that will allow E-ZPass open road tolling.

New toll equipment will be installed at Toll Booths 81 and 91 in Sandusky County.

Turnpike spokesman Charles Cyrill said work was underway on the lanes at toll interchanges 52, 71, 151, 173.

Work has begun at a Sandusky County interchange

Cyrill said work at Toll Interchange 81, the exit for Elmore and Woodville, began on Wednesday.

Work at Toll Booth 91 for Fremont/Port Clinton Ohio 53 has not started, Cyrill said.

According to the tollway commission, the lane conversions include the installation of new electronic toll equipment, the removal of all entry gates, and the removal of gates from only E-ZPass exit lanes.

It includes the installation of all new electronic equipment, such as automated toll payment machines, cameras and cabinets to enclose computers, as well as additional electrical and structural work for the integration of the TCS.

A total of 20 interchanges at Toll Booths 52 through 209 along the Ohio Turnpike will be converted as part of the TCS modernization plan, which includes reducing toll booths from 31 to 24.

Total cost estimated at $232 million

The capital cost of the entire TCS project is estimated at approximately $232 million. The new TCS is expected to save approximately $257 million in operating costs over 30 years.

This includes installing Weigh-in-Motion Systems (WIMS), which involve pavement sensors to weigh trucks as they travel at highway speeds and detect and enforce overweight vehicles.

WIMS are being installed along the main track of the toll highway in east and west directions, including at Mile 79.8 in Ottawa County.

Turnpike officials expect the new toll collection system to be complete by mid-2023 barring any delays.


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