Wiwynn to showcase field-proven openEDGE OCP platform for 5G Open RAN and MEC at Big5G 2022


Accelerate the deployment of various edge applications requiring low latency

AUSTIN, TX, May 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wiwynn (TWSE: 6669), an innovative provider of cloud computing infrastructure for data centers, announced that it will showcase private 5G open RAN, core network and computing use cases using its field-proven OCP openEDGE hardware platform, EP100at Big5G 2022.

The EP100 shallow platform is comprised of five single-socket CPU sleds. Its flexibility and scalability are perfect for high-end applications that run various workloads and require different levels of scaling per scenario. Accompanying double socket Wiwynn®ES200 and the upcoming EP102, which is equipped with 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (codenamed Sapphire Rapids), Wiwynn can nimbly compose the most optimized hardware solutions for various cutting-edge applications.

“Our goal is to provide a flexible, scalable, and optimized hardware platform that powers a wide range of software-defined applications at the edge,” said Dr. Sunlai Chang, President of Wiwynn. “Integration for different use cases with a wider ecosystem of partners is key to success. EP100 has been used in projects in different regions. We are excited to showcase some of them at Big5G 2022 and we will will deploy more on a large scale..”

Wiwynn is working with Ciena and other technology vendors to successfully implement a 5G-based private smart factory PoC site for one of the world’s largest tower vendors in Germany. In addition, the collaboration of a 5G-based low-latency mixed-reality embedded application for a leading US telecommunications company is also ready for testing.

“The Wiwynn EP100 is a field-proven hardware platform for deploying a 5G private network and 5G-enabled applications within a single device. As part of our collaboration, we have achieved synergies by combining our expertise in hardware, software and solution integration,” said Joe Marshall, Vice President, Product Line Management – ​​Metro & Edge, Ciena. “The private 5G market is growing rapidly and we look forward to working with Wiwynn to capitalize on the exciting opportunities ahead. »

Multi-software supported EP100 also enables more 5G open RAN solutions to enable Automated Mobile Robot (ARM) in Wiwynn’s Taiwan factory, as well as an immersive ultra-low latency holography project for a Taiwanese telecommunications leader.

The platform is also used as an Intelligent RAN Controller (RIC) in the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) SD-RAN 5G field trial with Deutsche Telekom, as well as the MEC Server in Telefonicause cases of the 5G pilot of in Malaga, Spain.

Join Wiwynn at Big5G 2022 to discover and explore the possibilities in the world of 5G and the edge.

About Wiwynn

Wiwynn is an innovative cloud computing infrastructure provider offering high-quality computing and storage products, as well as rack solutions for major data centers. We invest heavily in next generation technologies for workload optimization and best TCO. As an OCP solution provider, Wiwynn actively participates in the design of advanced computing and storage systems while constantly implementing the benefits of OCP in traditional data centers.

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