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Hello everyone. Hope I posted this in the correct section.

My problem is that my laptop seems to be shutting down for no reason and I can’t figure out why this is happening. Once the shutdown happens and I turn it on it gives me the screen below and then it works again until the next shutdown.


  • It started several months ago and seemed for no reason.
  • Always immediate shutdown and no restart. It feels like we have completely lost power (like a battery unplugged and removed).
  • No BSODs of any kind so I can’t say exactly what error or problem I’m getting.
  • Can stop at almost any time (more on that later). This happened 10 minutes after stopping or even a day. The maximum non-stop time is around 2 days (unless I leave an online game on).
  • Heat doesn’t seem to have an impact as it can occur both cold (just on) and hot (during intense play).
  • This does not happen in safe mode at all.
  • This happens during the Windows login screen, where you put the password. If I wait long enough, it will eventually turn off.
  • Occurs whether it is inactive or active.
  • This does not (very surprisingly) happen in two online games (Path of Exile; League of Legends). League of Legends must be in an active game (no launcher or client) and stoppages may occur before the active game is about to begin.
  • This however happens during other games (not online).
  • Event Viewer does not seem to display any specific information other than:
Event ID 41 (Task 63)
"The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly."

Not always, but quite often, Event Viewer gives me this message too, but I’m not quite sure if that’s the problem:

Event ID 2004. (PerfNet)
"Unable to open the Server service performance object. The first four bytes (DWORD) of the Data section contains the status code."

Things I tried:

  • Cleaned the inside of the laptop from any dust etc.
  • Disable hibernation through power options and console.

  • Make sure the power settings do not turn off the hard drive, never sleep, hibernate, etc.

  • I tried to see if it was a power issue using only the battery and only the cable. In both cases, it continues. The battery works well for about 2-3 hours during online play (won’t turn off), but it can happen anytime.

  • I checked “sfc / scannow” and it was fine.

  • Update all drivers for everything.

  • Disabled all network drivers, but still stopped.

  • Ran built in hardware diagnostic tool without any errors.

  • Disable all services and startup items except Microsoft services. Still closed.

  • Reformatted hard drive with all drives and reinstalled Windows. However, after installing several of the major drivers (forgot which ones for some, but no graphics), I again received the first shutdown. I probably shouldn’t have touched anything and just waited to see if that happened before updating anything, but I didn’t think the drivers would have caused it. After that it continued until I got at least one online game.

  • I have run several games to see if the stop will happen, as I noticed that I had not encountered them so much while playing. I let the “Path of Exile” game run for 4 days in a row without a single downtime. Left game “League of Legends” to run in “reconnect” mode after disconnecting Wi-Fi at the end of the match, to “rig” the game and continue chasing after it. Stayed for 1 week like this and had no downtime. You could say it was perfect, but keeping a game like this makes the laptop heat up and runs something extra heavy that could be messy. In either case, no stoppage took place until some time after the games closed. I guess similar types of games with online (server?) Functionality keep something stable, which keeps it from stopping.

  • Run a single and multiplayer “Terraria” game as a host (but alone), however, both times stopped after a while (3-5 hours on average).

After all these tries I’m confused about the problem … I don’t even know if it is a hardware or software issue or even both … The strangest thing for me is that this works under specific conditions without any issues, so things like power supply (+ battery) or motherboard should at least be enough? Also, I don’t know how to force shutdown, so I need some time to find out if it’s “fixed” or not.

Thanks for any suggestions or ideas.


Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit SP1

Dell Inspiron 5521 15R (laptop)


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