Why do I disassemble this Samsung T5 external SSD?


Regular readers will know that I dabble in photography and videography. I recently bought an Atomos Ninja V field monitor (a screen that I can attach to a camera to give me a better view and it also allows me to record to it via HDMI rather than recording to the camera itself ) to act as a recorder. You can insert SSDs into the Ninja V to access faster and cheaper storage than buying high capacity SD cards or the type-A CF Express cards that my Sony A7IV takes.

The problem is that unless you buy the Ninja V-specific mini-SSDs, they tend to hang around the side of the recorder and sometimes get knocked over when in use.

Oh, and because only one manufacturer currently makes them, they’re expensive.

Really expensive compared to standard SSDs.

That’s when I came across a product called the Andycine Magnalium caddy for the Ninja V. It solves both problems – it’s cheaper than mini-SSDs and is smaller than regular SSDs.

The best of all worlds!

It’s a caddy in which you can insert an mSATA drive. The recommended mSATA drive is the one inside the Samsung T5 1TB External SSD.

So it’s time to dismantle a T5.

Opening the T5 is fairly simple – peel a plastic tab from each end and remove four small screws.


Slide the drive assembly out of the metal case.

Once the drive assembly is out, removing the mSATA drive from the connector involves moving a thermal pad and three more screws.


With the free player, the rest is quite simple. Slide the drive into the adapter, place the two screws, apply the thermal pad to the top and bottom, then insert it into the case and screw it together.


And it’s done. Here it is mounted on my Atomos Ninja V field monitor.


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