What is a hardware engineer, what does he do, how to become? Hardware Engineer Salaries in 2022

What is a hardware engineer, what is it for, how to become a hardware engineer – Salaries 2022

A hardware engineer is responsible for the design, development, and testing of computer components, including circuit boards, processors, and memory cards.

What does a hardware engineer do, what are his tasks?

The primary responsibility of the hardware engineer is to design and manufacture all computer hardware. The general job description of professional professionals can be grouped under the following headings;

  • Design and develop computer hardware components, including processors (CPUs), microprocessors, microchips, printers, and disk drives.
  • Test completed models of designed computer hardware,
  • Check the operation of the equipment and make the necessary modifications to ensure that the system operates in accordance with the technical specifications,
  • Determination of power supply needs,
  • Analyze user needs and recommend appropriate equipment to the people or institutions concerned,
  • Updating existing computer hardware to work with new software,
  • Evaluate factors such as the need for cost and security constraints to determine hardware configuration.
  • Provide technical support to designers, marketing and sales departments, suppliers, engineers and other team members throughout the product development and implementation process,
  • Prepare statistical reports and present them to the management department,
  • Maintain professional development by being aware of innovations in the field of hardware.

How to Become a Hardware Engineer

To become a hardware engineer, it is necessary to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, electrical and electronic engineering and related departments, which provide four years of training.

People who want to become a hardware engineer must have certain qualifications.

  • Have the creativity to design new information technologies,
  • Demonstrate critical thinking,
  • Be strong in mathematical intelligence and analytical sense,
  • Creation of prototypes,
  • Demonstrate verbal and written communication skills to explain technical issues with simplicity,
  • Ensuring teamwork and management,
  • No military obligation for male applicants.

Hardware Engineer Salaries in 2022

The lowest hardware engineer salary received in 2022 was determined at 5,500 TL, the average hardware engineer salary at 10,000 TL and the highest hardware engineer salary at 17,000 TL.


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