What are the minimum hardware requirements for Valorant after the Episode 4 update?


Valorant remains one of the most played first-person shooter games requiring minimal hardware resources to run smoothly. This makes the game optimization quite impressive and is admired by gamers all over the world.

However, with each update of the game, the shooter apparently requests more mandatory resources to keep the game running.

This gives gamers a complete idea of ​​what is required by the competitive shooter to have a playable experience. This article will discuss all the required hardware which should be enough to run the game properly.

The minimum requirements for Valorant after episode 4 act 1

Valorant is relatively less resource intensive than other competitive shooters of this generation. Here are the minimum system requirements for the game after its latest update, which is Episode 4, Act 1:

CPU or Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 or AMD Athlon 200GE

GPU: Intel 4000 or AMD Radeon R5 200

RAM: 4 gigabytes

Disk space: About 22 gigabytes (The game takes up a total of 21 gigabytes of storage after Episode 4, Act 1.)

Operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 64 bit (The game is only available on Windows and no other systems at this time.)

If a system has a combination of all this hardware, it’s possible to get a total of 30 frames per second and that’s enough to make it playable.

Planned melee adjustments originally listed in the 4.0 patch notes have not been incorporated. Instead, they will be added as part of patch 4.01, which will be released next week! twitter.com/PlayVALORANT/s…

However, players who obtain these frames may face unfair times if they face a player with higher frames. Having more frames means having more information, so getting 30 FPS is considered playable. Since this is a competitive game, it can be said with certainty that 30 FPS is probably not enough.

This cannot be said for certain, but Valorant’s minimum requirements may see changes in the future as the game receives more updates and becomes heavier to run over time. However, gamers can easily play the game with the above mentioned setup.

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