VLAB Works enables embedded applications with VLAB VDMs


ADELAIDE, South Australia – May 2, 2022 — ASTC and VLAB Works today announced the launch of VLAB Virtual Development Machines or VLAB VDM. Created to promote rapid development and testing of embedded applications and user software, VDMs provide immediate access to prototypes and virtual platforms that can run, test, debug, and analyze unmodified target compiled binaries. This results in faster time to market and significant cost savings.

“Focusing on the needs of the many embedded software engineers who are not virtualization or simulation experts has long been a priority for VLAB Works,” said ASTC CEO Jay Yantchev. “Our solution is to create virtual environments that are immediately available, easy to use and efficient. VLAB VDMs provide an easily configurable all-in-software virtual environment for a range of target-specific embedded architectures. These virtual embedded computers are available on your desktop, server, or in the cloud, and perfect for software development and debugging, continuous integration (CI), and continuous test (CI/CT).

“Discussing with industry partners and customers, the most consistent and strongest demands are high performance, rapid availability and cost-effective scalability. VLAB VDMs exceed current industry-leading offerings in all of these respects, with industry-leading performance, out-of-the-box support for a wide range of embedded architectures, and low overhead and scalability costs. These combine to make VLAB virtual environments highly attractive throughout the embedded development lifecycle, even long after the hardware is available. mentioned Atanas Parashkevov, CTO and VP of Product Development at VLAB Works. “With an ever-growing line of virtual CPU systems from ARM, Infineon, NXP, Renesas, ST Micro, Texas Instruments and others, an extensive library of virtual components including displays, consoles, storage, ASICs and various E /S communication, VDMs can be configured to match the system architecture and performance of specific embedded devices.In addition to virtual hardware, pre-built and pre-validated software stacks including Linux, FreeRTOS and others industry-leading embedded operating systems and hypervisors, provide users with an immediate start for software development activities.

Along with the launch of VLAB VDMs, there are new developments in VLAB’s product range and pricing. Adapting to the business models of the virtualization industry rather than those of the EDA or tool industry, VLAB meets customers’ needs for mass virtualization of embedded development and testing. VLAB is available in entry-level packages suitable for individual engineers and projects with limited budgets, to global enterprises looking to equip large distributed teams working on one or more product lines. Customers can find more details about the new VLAB Essentials, Workstation, Server and Enterprise offerings at www.vlabworks.com/vlab.


VLAB VDMs are available now with an initial set of supported processor architectures, components and software, with the portfolio expected to continue to grow in 2022 and beyond.

About ASTC and VLAB jobs

Australian Semiconductor Technology Company Pty Ltd (ASTC) plays an ongoing and vital role in the global embedded electronics supply chain with cutting-edge virtualization solutions. With a long history and presence in multiple market segments, including automotive, aerospace and industrial control, ASTC and its tools and technology company VLAB Works work across supply chains to help customers around the world to design better products, faster. More information is available at www.vlabworks.com.


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