Vitro3D, a company developing new volumetric 3D printing solutions, raised $1.3 million in oversubscribed seed funding


The funding will enable Vitro3D to produce prototype printers capable of producing complex three-dimensional objects in seconds.

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Boulder, Colo., Nov. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Vitro3D, a volumetric 3D printing company capable of printing complex objects in seconds, raised $1.3 million in an oversubscribed funding round led by Buff Gold Ventures, with participation from several angel investors, Rockies Venture Club, Caruso Ventures and The Deming Center Venture Fund. Vitro3D is a spin-off from the University of Colorado at Boulder and a corporate client of Innosphere Ventures through the Colorado Life Sciences Incubation Program.

Vitro3D’s innovative volumetric 3D printing method solves the current limitations of the photopolymer 3D printing industry, printing larger and more complex features in seconds with its new cartridge-based geometry. The company is initially focused on new approaches to producing dental aligners and scaffolds for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering.

“Our proprietary volumetric 3D printing technology leverages new algorithms, proprietary hardware, and materials science allowing us to disrupt industries such as dental aligner manufacturing,” said Dr. Camila Uzcategui, co-founder and CEO of Vitro3D. “This funding will allow us to demonstrate the power of our breakthrough 3D printing technology, which holds the potential to change the way complex structures, including complex personalized medical products, will be rapidly manufactured.”

“Vitro3D’s volumetric 3D printer will revolutionize the way complex, custom products are made in the future,” said Mark Lupa, general partner of Buff Gold Ventures. “The speed and detail of the products they can produce have wide applicability across multiple industries and we are excited to work with this great team.”

About Vitro3D

Vitro3D is reinventing manufacturing by using a proprietary cartridge-based volumetric 3D printing technique to disrupt the way medical devices and tissue engineering tools are made. Using the combined power of innovative hardware, software, and material formulations, Vitro3D enables rapid (sub-minute), high-resolution production of parts with a wider range of material properties and requiring minimal post-processing. To learn more about how we deliver on the promise of 3D printing, visit


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