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TMGcore has taken ComputeCore from concept to reality with increased compute efficiency in cooling, improved performance capabilities from a server-agnostic perspective, and the ability to massively change the cooling landscape for the needs and HPC densities. ComputeCore is fluid independent and simple to maintain, with both on-site unit monitoring and remote monitoring capabilities. From an executive dashboard, every data point from all units can be observed and optimized.

Single-phase immersion cooling computing with ComputeCore offers substantial environmental benefits over traditional data center infrastructure. ComputeCore is a silent operator – no noise from noisy cooling fans. Additionally, ComputeCore does not require the costly setup of traditional data center infrastructure and allows for a variety of placement options to fit any location requiring high-performance computing power.

ComputeCore can deliver up to 200kW of computing power in just 26 square feet.

TMGcore is thrilled to announce the global reveal of ComputeCore system at Dell Technologies World in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About TMGcore®
TMGcore is an award-winning US provider of high-performance computing and mining solutions. Utilizing liquid immersion technology, TMGcore provides the most scientifically advanced commercial-grade hardware and software solutions enabling higher densities, better efficiencies, and lighting operations anywhere computing or mining is needed, including included in the periphery. TMGcore maintains groundbreaking collaborations with OEMs to develop and commercialize the next generation of HPC and mining server technologies. For more information, visit



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