This simple Windows 11 trick can make your laptop faster and more secure


Windows drivers are lines of code that help your operating system send and receive instructions from your hardware. You can think of them as the bridge between your computer fitness and your digital brain.

We suggest that you always download new drivers and patches as they become available. This is how developers fix security holes and other vulnerabilities that could make your machine accessible to bad actors. Unfortunately, there are times when these drivers seemingly cause more problems than they solve. When discovered, the developers try to fix them as soon as possible. The only way to access these fixes is to update your driver, again.

Updating your Windows 11 drivers also gives you access to the latest features offered by Windows. Finally, the old drivers are sometimes not compatible with the latest hardware gadgets. Therefore, your computer device will not work properly if you associate it with outdated drivers. With that in mind, here is the easiest way to update your Windows 11 drivers.

How to Get an Updated Windows 11 Driver

1. You can access your computer’s hardware component driver settings using Device Manager. To open Device Manager, right-click on the start menu icon and select Device Manager.

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2. In Device Manager, your computer’s devices are grouped according to their device types, such as display adapters, processors, monitors, etc. Select the type of device whose driver you want to update.

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3. Next, select the specific device you want to update from the drop-down list. This action will open the Device Properties window for that device.

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4. Next, go to the Driver sub-tab and click on the Update Driver button.

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5. Choose whether you want to scan your computer for your new driver or have Windows search for it. After letting your computer load. Your computer will notify you that your driver has been successfully updated.

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