The Witcher’s Freya Allan reveals Ciri and Lambert scene didn’t go as planned


Season 2 of The Witcher is now in the wild, and fans know that much of the series takes place in Kaer Morhen, as Geralt takes Ciri there to train and protect her. We get several examples of Ciri and Geralt working together, but we also see Ciri training on her own or with other wizards at different points in the series, including a streak where Lambert seeks to make a point with a dummy from coaching. was fortunate enough to speak to Freya Allan about this scene, and she revealed that the scene didn’t go as planned for actor Lambert Paul Bullion, and it made for a memorable sequence of events and quite entertaining.

“Oh yeah. It was funny as hell because basically, obviously Lambert walks in and he has to slice the dummy. Right? And he’s very tall. I think he’s 6’3 or something. Like that. So Lambert comes in and he says, “Yeah, let me show you how it’s done Ciri” and he laughs at Ciri, then he leaves and the dummy doesn’t break in half. And then I was like, “oh, that’s a little awkward, isn’t it, Paul,” who’s playing Lambert, and then we’re going to do another take. Again, the thing doesn’t break. not, and I’m like it’s getting a little awkward for you now, he’s kind of trained and everything. And just like our characters, I was taking his foot off a bit. We were kind of laughing at that. topic, ”Allan said.

“And then the third take, finally the thing breaks and I could see in his face that he had that ‘thank god’ feeling because it was going to be really embarrassing if he didn’t take that back,” Allan said. “And because of that, the camera wasn’t on me and I just couldn’t hold it together. So I’m just here doing like, you know when you try to hold back a laugh? Like a smirk, like I had exactly that because I could see he was like that, thank goodness it worked this time.

This led to Ciri getting her own slicing scene, and she knew she had to get it in under 3 tries. “So yeah, that was a really funny time and we had a good laugh after that about it. It was so funny this really tall guy and he couldn’t, you know, and then there’s a scene where I had to chop off the head of one of the mannequins and I remember the DA saying, he said, ‘You better beat Paul and get him first. And then first the head went off. flies off and he said to me, ‘Now you just have to call Paul and tell him you did this.’ So yeah, we really had the exact same kind of relationship as our characters, which was a lot of fun and made it really easy to transfer that kind of energy into the scenes, ”Allan said.

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