The swimming pool is getting a makeover for the summer


The Cheshire Community Pool is a popular location for local swimmers throughout the year.

Inside, the inviting environment invites users to enjoy a leisurely ride or an intense workout in the water, whether it’s hot or cold outside. But on the outside, the aesthetics of the establishment are a bit… lacking.

“I think the outside (of the building) doesn’t represent how great the inside is,” said Andrew Martelli, the town’s economic development coordinator.

That has changed over the past few weeks.

Since April, the City has been engaged in a project to redesign the exterior of the pool, addressing not only practical concerns, such as drainage issues around the building, but also the landscape surrounding the structure.

The work was considerable. From the spring, Silverstream Enterprises, a Cheshire-based company, began work on the project. They started by fixing the drainage issues, then moved on to stripping the area, leveling the property, installing Belgium Blocks and curbs, etc.

But that was just the start of the job.

On Tuesday, June 28, volunteers, including members of the Cheshire High School swim team, planted trees and other objects around the facility. Trees were purchased from Cheshire Nursery at a reduced price, and further planting was provided by the Cheshire Suburban Garden Club. RW Hine Ace Hardware donated topsoil used by workers.

“It’s really Cheshire,” Martelli said. “This is community at its best.”

The program was the brainchild of the town’s beautification committee, which chooses one major project per year to focus on and has decided to “beautify” the pool landscape for 2022. The focus has been on the attempt to get as many local businesses, groups, and volunteers involved as possible, and Martelli, who liaises with the committee, was not surprised by the immediate interest people showed in to help.

“Since I started working (as an Economic Development Coordinator)…not a day goes by that someone doesn’t (express interest) in doing something for the community,” said Hammered. “People here are ready to give of themselves for the good of the city.”

The total cost of the project was $9,000, but would have been closer to $15,000, Martelli admitted, if not for all the donated items and materials. Even Silverstream, owned by Cheshire resident Brian Montgomery, has been very accommodating both in terms of service prices and timeliness to help.

“Brian is a busy guy this time of year, but he was more than happy to help out,” Martelli explained.

On the afternoon of June 28, Martelli joined Dean Rizzo, pool maintenance, to begin picking up materials for the plantings. “We jumped in the truck and picked up the Suburban Garden Club plants…we went to Cheshire Nursery…we went to Hine,” he said. Then, armed with their equipment, the two returned to the swimming pool where a team of volunteers was waiting for them. In addition to CHS swimmers, members of the town’s beautification committee, the Suburban Garden Club and pool manager Sheila Adams also helped out. The group dug, planted and watered throughout the early afternoon amid what Martelli described as a very festive atmosphere. “There was music playing…everyone was having a good time,” he said.

There is still work to be done and one final piece to the redesign that Martelli is looking forward to. The pool sign was in “very bad shape,” Martelli said, but the city didn’t have money in the budget for a replacement. So Martelli turned to Artsplace.

“I gave Joan (Pilarczyk, director of Artsplace) full artistic license,” Martelli said, “so she worked on it herself. I can’t wait to see what it looks like… so it should happen soon.

The project shows the importance of the city’s beautification committee, Martelli believes, as the group looks for ways to improve the community. Given that there are currently three vacancies on the committee, Martelli hopes more residents will choose to get involved.

“The Committee is totally apolitical,” Martelli said. “This (group) is really making a difference.”


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