The Pixel “Pro” tablet could also arrive next year


Google announced at this year’s Google I/O that a Pixel tablet will be arriving next year. Well, the company can also work on a Variant “Pro” of the Pixel tablet, and this model could also be launched in 2023.

A Pixel “Pro” tablet could also arrive next year

This information comes from 9to5Google, as the site claims it “found signs” of this. What exactly is happening? Well, the Pixel tablet Google mentioned in May is codenamed “tangor.”

The source also spotted the codename “tangorpro,” which basically points to a “Pro” variant of this tablet. You may also see these codenames mentioned as ‘t6’ and ‘t6pro’.

It wouldn’t be exactly surprising. The Google Pixel 6 series comes in regular and Pro models, and we’ve even seen the Pixel Buds Pro. We just don’t know what the “Pro” variant will bring, to make it a “Pro” product.

Well, there is a detail. The source reports that the ‘Pro’ model will feature a different rear camera sensor. However, it is still unclear which sensor it will be. It was previously reported that the standard Pixel tablet will ship with the Sony IMX355, a sensor used in the Pixel 3, 4, 5 and 6a.

Based on that, could the Pixel Tablet Pro come with the ISOCELL GN1, a 50-megapixel camera used in the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro? Well, it’s possible, but we can only guess at this point.

It is expected to offer better hardware than the regular model

We also expect its hardware to be a bit different. Changing just the camera won’t exactly justify the “Pro” name. Maybe a slightly different design or materials, and more powerful internals? Like more RAM and a better display, maybe.

What could happen is that Google ends up using the Google Tensor inside the Pixel Tablet and the Tensor G2 inside the Pixel Tablet Pro. Again, we’re only speculating here, anything is possible.

Google may mention either of these tablets at its October 6 press event.


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