The PC does not recognize any device (USB, HDMI)


Hello, so here is my problem:

My computer simply won’t recognize any device I connect to, be it USB or HDMI, no matter how many times I restart it.

Two months ago I had no problem, since I no longer used it, and now nothing interferes with it.

For example, my mouse, when properly plugged in, emits a solid red beam, and right now it beeps when I plug it in, but once I plug it in fully, it no longer glows.

However, when I plug it in halfway, it glows normally, which is weird.

I have something similar with my display, which reacts when I plug it in or unplug it but that’s it, then it says nothing is connected.

I have tried all available usb and hdmi ports, same everywhere.

Since my keyboard and screen are not recognized, I cannot skip the very first step of turning on the PC and then shutting it down.

It is brand new, although it has some time unused. I have checked the cables, and everyone seems to be plugged in and in good condition.

The pc itself starts up normally.

The only thing I’m not sure is the power cable for my power supply.

Power supply: Rmx 750x

Specification of the cable I am using: 10a / 250v

So if anyone has a lead it would be welcome, thank you already and have a nice day

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