The best-selling SUV you’ve never heard of: an “upgradable super SUV”


In the United States, the best-selling SUV in 2021 was the Toyota RAV4, followed by the Honda CR-V. In China, the best-selling SUV is a bit more interesting. The most popular SUV in the Chinese market is an electric “upgradable super SUV” called the HiPhi X. Although you may not have heard of it, the HiPhi X has some pretty cool features. Additionally, details have just dropped on two new models: the HiPhi X 6-seater Creative Extended Range SUV and the Intelligent Extended Range Edition.

The world’s first evolutionary Super SUV: HiPhi X

HiPhi X Super SUV | Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

According to PR Newswire, the 6-seater HiPhi X Creative Extended Range Edition and Intelligent Extended Range Edition “act to raise industry standards by creating a unique premium vehicle”. Part of the reason it has been so popular in China, according to the publication, is that customers want to experience the innovative new segment of cars, TECHLUXE. A pillar of Human Horizons’ product vision is “value defined by co-creation.” This is why the HH team focuses so strongly on providing vehicles that meet the needs of various customers.

Both new models have six new luxury features. Amenities like a 17-speaker Meridian audio system, 19.9-inch passenger entertainment screen, Givaudan’s customizable smart fragrance system, interior lighting panels, HEPA biochemical filter and physical monitoring of the driver. In addition, a wide variety of tires and rims are available to customers. Finally, each model can travel 650 km or 403 miles per charge.

What makes it a “Super SUV”?

Human Horizons Super SUV HiPhi X now has two new models in China.  The model is very successful in the Chinese market.

HiPhi X Evolutionary Super SUV | Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

The HiPhi X Super SUV is Super because it has some world and industry firsts. For example, the automaker boasts of being a world leader in technological innovation for mass-produced passenger vehicles, thanks to unique parts. Things like smart programmable headlights, ISD intelligent interactive lamps and lighting systems, and the intuitive AI-powered HiPhi Play Interactive visual display. That’s why, according to PR Newswire, the HiPhi X is often referred to as a “car of the future”.

The Human Horizons HiPhi X Super SUV combines the latest technological innovations with premium luxury. It is part of a new car segment called TECHLUXE. Based on three guiding principles, Human Horizons has established these Badges of Honor: “Design Defined by Scenarios, Vehicles Defined by Software, and Value Defined by Co-Creation.”

Founder and CEO, Ding Lei, on the two new models: “Our vision at Human Horizons is to redefine human mobility. To do this, we must strive to think differently from others while always putting the needs of our users first. The 6-seater HiPhi X Creative Extended Range Edition and Intelligent Extended Range Edition are two exceptionally luxurious cars that defy existing passenger vehicle standards and will offer every driver a totally unique experience.

What else do we know about the two new upgradeable HiPhi X models?

The Human Horizons HiPhi X Scalable Super SUV has two new models coming to China.  The model is very successful in the Chinese market.

HiPhi X | Costfoto/Future Publishing via Getty Images

The 6-seater Creative Extended Range Edition and the Intelligent Extended Range Edition offer a choice of four rims that vary in size, color and design. Additionally, customers can choose between three different color and material options for the roof liner. Interior trims in different colors and materials correspond to the customer’s choice.

Next, the HiPhi X uses the world’s first fully integrated HiPhi intelligent open service-oriented architecture. Moreover, it uses the latest Internet of Things technology to connect, control and monitor the operation of the vehicle. Most importantly, the open architecture acts as open hardware allowing third-party developers and users to program and create innovative mood-based visual displays. This feature makes the HiPhi X Super SUV the world’s first upgradable model.

Human Horizons HiPhi X Super SUV Scaling Sales

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Over 5,000 customers have received HiPhi X models to date. This is enough for the vehicle to find its place among the leaders of the luxury electric car market. The model is the first Chinese brand to top the high-end luxury car sales valued at more than 600,000 RMB ($94,908) in one month. There are currently 37 HiPhi Hub experience stores and 32 delivery centers in operation across China. The distribution network is still ongoing, although Human Horizons is aiming for expansion. Finally, the company strives to provide 270,000 charging stations in 500 cities across the country.

In conclusion, this China-based company is driving the automotive industry forward. With technological innovations never seen elsewhere, it’s easy to see why the Chinese market is buying so many vehicles. The two all-new models of the world’s first scalable Super SUV, HiPhi X, cement it firmly as the leader in premium luxury electric cars. Hopefully, we’ll soon see cutting-edge automotive technology like this in the United States. That’s all we know about the two new models of China’s best-selling electric scalable Super SUV, HiPhi X.

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