Thank Alder Lake for last gen Black Friday gaming PC gems like this RX 6900 XT system


We may have overlooked the AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT when we first reviewed it almost a year ago, but in a world where price and availability are the true benchmarks of value for money. ‘a GPU is another story. That’s why this $ 2,599.99 iBuyPower gaming PC we found on Newegg caught our eye.

With a savings of $ 900 off its original list price, this Trace5MR system (I’m sure the name makes sense to someone in iBuyPower’s storage room) will provide an exceptional PC gaming experience for anyone with the chance to sit him on his desk.

AMD’s most powerful graphics card is hard to come by right now and sells on Ebay for around $ 1,500 or more. The fact that you can put one in a full gaming PC with these kind of support specs at this price point makes it a very tempting offer. It’s proof that your best way to get your hands on the latest GPU technology is inside a full gaming PC.

But it’s not just this graphics card that stands out from this system either. With the release of the Intel Core i9 12900K, systems with older chips like this Core i9 11900KF are starting to come with decent discounts. It’s still a decent eight-core, 16-thread processor, although it’s not on par with Alder Lake. But what is?

This CPU / GPU combo supports 32GB of DDR4 RAM and a 1TB SSD to block your Windows installation and a good chunk of your Steam library.

And if you were worried that it might come with Windows 10 and not Windows 11, keep in mind that it’s still just a free upgrade. While it’s probably still worth the wait until the spring update, in our opinion, booting into Windows 10 might just be the best option anyway.

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