Tesla’s new light show leaves homeowner couple with non-functioning headlights


Most of them can be enjoyed alone or with a group of people that is not larger than the number of seats in the car. The light show, on the other hand, feels more like a full-fledged performance for the entire audience, which is probably why it’s been so successful in the past.

The feature was first introduced on the Electric X Model SUV and made full use of the vehicle’s Falcon wing doors, not just its lights. Following the most recent update released by Tesla, all Model 3 and Y, as well as the 2021 S and X, have access to a new and improved version – one that allows the user to completely customize the light show. .

It’s amazing how much fun adults find these things and are worth more than a second to think about. That said, I just finished installing over 30ft of smart RGB LED strip in my living room that can respond to music being played, so maybe I’m falling right into the target demographic and just in denial. .

Considering how owners have taken into account some of the changes made by the update, including this feature has proven to be a wise move by Tesla to help deflect some of the criticism. Most of the grievances relate to changes in the user interface with people disliking the overall appearance or bemoaning the complicated menu navigation required to perform simple actions such as turning the wipers on or off.

However, the update brought even more misery to a few owners. For them, the one feature that was supposed to make it easier to deal with any potential glitches caused by the new update turned out to be a source of stress and headaches in itself. The pair – one with a Model Y and the other a Model 3 – claim that one of their headlights stopped working after running the show, and the classic universal solution “turn it off and back on” does did nothing to resolve the problem.

We are not entirely sure if they are reassured that this is not a hardware issue since the headlights continue to perform very well during the show, it is when they are actually needed that they do not fill. their duty, but they probably should – it must be cheaper to play with ones and zeros than to replace the LED assembly.

Either way, turning your headlights into strobes is certainly not going to help extend the life of these parts, and yet we doubt that or the experience of those two owners (and perhaps the quieter ones? ) their vehicles to be carried out.


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