TeamGroup’s Speedy DDR5-7200 C34 RAM retails for $350


Like VideoCardz (opens in a new tab) spotted recently, TeamGroup is preparing a new high-end DDR5 memory kit to compete with the best RAMs on the market. The company’s T-Force Delta RGB gaming memory hit a whopping DDR5-7200 with reasonably tight timings.

Many vendors already offer DDR5-6600 memory kits, but none have surpassed the DDR5-7000 mark. Therefore, the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5-7200 is the fastest memory kit at the moment. Newegg has listed the memory kit for $349.99 (opens in a new tab), but it is not yet available for purchase. However, that’s not a bad price since some brands charge up to the same amount for their DDR5-6600 memory kits.

The T-Force Delta RGB DDR5-7200 (FF3D532G7200HC34ADC01) is a dual channel memory kit with a total capacity of 32GB, consisting of two 16GB DDR5 memory modules. TeamGroup has bundled the memory kit to run on DDR5 -7200 (PC5-57600). Unfortunately, Newegg hasn’t listed the full Memory Kit schedules. We only know that it has a defined CAS latency (CL) of 34. If we had to guess, the tRCD and tRP are probably around the 40 second range.

Newegg didn’t provide any clues about the DRAM voltage required by the memory kit to reach DDR5-7200. We suspect it takes at least 1.4V to achieve this data rate. TeamGroup previously used SK hynix’s M-die integrated circuits (ICs) for its other T-Force Delta RGB offerings. However, the South Korean chipmaker’s second-generation A-die ICs are already on the market. Early reviews showed promising overclocking prowess, with Matrix A easily breaking the DDR5-7000 barrier. It is therefore plausible that the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5-7200 exploits the new A-die integrated circuits; however, we won’t know until we receive the memory kit in our labs.

AMD’s Zen 4 processors and 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake processors will use DDR5 memory. AMD has confirmed that DDR5-6000 is the sweet spot for Zen 4, while the jury is still out on Raptor Lake. Still, the T-Force Delta RGB DDR5-7200 will genuinely appeal to enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in performance, and at $349.99 it doesn’t have you throwing your house out the window.


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