TCL Reinforces Commitment to 5G and Expands Portfolio with New Smartphones, Tablets and CPEs at Mobile World Congress 2022


“TCL’s vision is to inspire customers to achieve excellence through smart, innovative and premium technologies and experiences. This is demonstrated by the new range of smart devices launched at Mobile World Congress 2022,” said Aaron Zhang, CEO of TCL Communications. “By continuing to expand our portfolio across multiple categories, we bring to life our mission to create a truly connected world that connects hardware and software in meaningful ways, enhances human connections, and enhances the everyday lives of our customers while delivering incredible value.”

Expansion of the TCL 30 series: smartphones that inspire customers’ unique styles

Introducing five new TCL 30 series smartphones: the TCL 30 5G, TCL 30+, TCL 30, TCL 30 SE and TCL 30 E. Each offers feature-rich experiences accessible to everyone. These join the recently announced TCL 30 XE 5G and TCL 30 V 5G, which are exclusive to the US market.

With smart and easy-to-use 50MP cameras on all newly announced TCL 30 series smartphones, landscape photos, portraits and close-up scenes are reproduced in lifelike detail.

Camera enhancements maximize the smartphone imaging experience. Steady Snap pauses time and clearly captures moving subjects; Face Tracking is perfect for moving portraits; and Auto-Capture keeps more friends in frame for wide-angle selfies.

TCL’s display heritage also shines throughout the series. A 6.52-inch mini-notch screen adorns the TCL 30 SE and TCL 30 E to deliver good reliable viewing experiences, while the 6.7-inch FHD+ AMOLED displays on TCL 30 5G, TCL 30+ and TCL 30 feature rich contrast and punchy colors. , deep blacks and cinematic views. TCL’s pioneering display technology, NXTVISION, provides all five smartphones with enhanced visuals and multiple modes emphasizing eye care.

The TCL 30 5G, TCL 30+ and TCL 30 feature an ultra-thin 7.74mm design and weigh only 184g for a perfect fit in the palm and pocket. All five devices come with large batteries of over 5,000mAh and support fast charging, which comfortably lasts from morning to night with ease.

Price and availability

  • TCL 30 5G: from €249, availability in Europe in April 2022coming to certain areas
  • TCL 30+: from €199, available now in Europecoming later in some areas
  • TCL 30: from €179, available now in Europecoming later in some areas
  • TCL 30 SE: from €149, available now in Europecoming later in some areas
  • TCL 30 E: from €139, available in Europe in April 2022coming later in some areas

Prices vary by country.

Growing tablet portfolio: enriched immersive experiences for all occasions

TCL is expanding its tablet portfolio at MWC 2022 with three new products.

First of all, the TCL NXTPAPER MAX 10, following the recently launched TCL NXTPAPER 10, is the latest installment in TCL’s critically acclaimed NXTPAPER line. TCL NXTPAPER MAX 10 is available in Wi-Fi or 4G LTE configuration. Whichever you choose, this is a tablet with exceptional capabilities, putting the tools for learning, entertainment and creation in your hands, combined with reliable battery life.

The tablet’s immersive 10.36-inch NXTPAPER display and 83% screen-to-body ratio create a vast, paper-like canvas. Whether you need a notepad for writing, a large screen for long periods of reading, or a movie streaming tab, it ticks all the boxes. The screen consists of a unique multi-layer system, with each layer playing its own role in filtering out harmful blue light and protecting eyesight. Covered with a layer of anti-reflective glass that reduces reflected light, NXTPAPER MAX 10 looks and feels like paper, for a more comfortable and natural reading and writing experience.

Then the TCL TAB 10 HD 4G delivers non-stop entertainment. Lose yourself in your favorite shows with vibrant, captivating colors, and thanks to a slim 8.7mm bezel, visual interruptions are kept to a minimum.

With a 5500mAh battery, it’ll comfortably get through an entire day of reading, watching and browsing, and thanks to its powerful Octa-Core chipset, TCL’s latest 4G tablet delivers great performance too.

The third tablet in the lineup is the TCL TAB 10s 5G, one of the first affordable tablets to launch with 5G connectivity. Featuring a 10.1-inch FHD screen, the tablet’s large resolution and size are paired with NXTVISION technology, so movie and game visuals are not only enhanced, but also optimized for eye health. .

Add super-fast 5G, plus an 8,000mAh battery and 4GB of memory, and users will be able to stream movies and sports, make video calls and multitask from almost anywhere they can get a signal or connectivity. Uninterrupted Wi-Fi. .

These products will soon be joined by the TCL TAB PRO 12 5G, an upcoming tablet with a large screen and super-fast 5G connectivity, with a strong focus on entertainment and productivity.

The NXTPAPER MAX 10 will go on sale from Asia from the middle of the second quarter of 2022 and will be available from €269. The TCL TAB 10 HD 4G is available now in Europe from €179 with an additional FHD version on sale from Asia from the end of March at €199. The TCL TAB 10s 5G will go on sale mid-Q2, priced at €349.

New range of CPEs: offering high-performance transparent connections

TCL is expanding its CPE portfolio with the launch of a 5G router and two 4G solutions, showcasing TCL’s mission to help create a truly connected world for everyone.

With the LINKHUB 5G CPE HH515, TCL launches a powerful 5G router that offers advanced Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. First announced at CES 2022, it’s capable of carrying up to 256 users and supports cloud-based gaming, high-quality live streaming, online education and working from home.

LINKZONE LTE CAT6 Mobile Wi-Fi MW63 is personal mobile Wi-Fi that offers high-speed connectivity in a lightweight, pocket-sized design. The LINKHUB LTE CAT6 HH63 Docking Station comes in a simple and elegant design, with dual-band Wi-Fi offering fast 4G download speeds of up to 300Mbps. This means the whole household can enjoy videos, online games and education while working from home. Both products are eSIM compatible.

The LINKHUB 5G CPE HH515 will be available in Q1 in Europe. LINKZONE LTE CAT6 Mobile Wi-Fi MW63 and LINKHUB LTE CAT6 Home Station HH63 will be launched in Europe in Q2.

TCL will also launch a new LINKZONE 5G Mobile Wi-Fi MW513, supporting Sub-6GHz + mmWave, which will make it even easier for consumers to connect to super-fast 5G Wi-Fi while on the go.

TCL continues its mission to democratize innovative, smart and connected technologies at the heart of all MWC 2022 announcements. Through partnerships with more than 80 operators in 160 countries, TCL is delivering on its commitment to deliver fast, reliable, affordable and powerful. devices so everyone can enjoy a smarter home and life. To learn more about TCL and for more details on the products covered in this release, please visit:

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