System76 Hardware Coming Soon to Europe


System76’s recent partnership with HP for a developer-focused laptop has got users thinking that it should allow users around the world to get their hands on a laptop with Pop! _OS pre-installed.

Unfortunately, the HP Dev One Laptop is currently limited to US customers. But, it looks like you can expect System76 hardware to be available in Europe very soon.

System76 will make its mechanical keyboard available first

According to an interview with System76 Principal Engineer Jeremy Soller, System76 plans to build a distribution center for Europe in the coming months.

Unfortunately, they will not provide laptops/desktops. The process of minimizing shipping costs, taxes and other things with computers takes time.

Therefore, they plan to start with the Launch mechanical keyboard and an upcoming Launch Lite edition from System76.

Not to mention that Europe will also need a different keyboard layout. So you could have something comfortable according to your needs.

Note that the European distribution hub planned by System76 is not intended to make its collaborative projects available (such as HP Dev On). Most likely they will focus on making their hardware available.

However, no clarity has been provided on this. So, you can expect System76 to expand to other regions, or they might improve their collaboration with laptop manufacturers to let more users experience Pop!_OS.


If you can’t wait to get your hands on a System76 product and you live in the United States or Canada, you might want to explore the current summer sale on the official System76 site.

European customers have to wait a few months to easily get System76’s Launch keyboard.

Hopefully laptops/desktops will be available in the near future.

Would you be ready to grab System76’s mechanical keyboard when it becomes available to European users? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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