Surface Pro Data Drive Recovery Adapter Smart: HDD Head Tools introduces the world’s latest hardware USB3.1 data recovery tool


Help data recovery engineers recover lost data

HDD Head Tools releases the world’s latest USB3.1 hardware data recovery tool, “Surface Pro Data Drive Recovery Adapter Smart”. surface pro data recovery was designed to make it easier to recover lost data from dead or faulty Surface Pro5, Surface Pro6 and Surface Pro7 laptops. Moreover, it does not include software but only hardware. The tool is very affordable and a great investment for data recovery engineers.

It has been observed that laptops such as the Dell XPS and a few other devices use unique BGA data chip soldering on their motherboards. In this way, all device data is stored in the BGA data chip, controller and flash data. However, it is often more difficult for data recovery engineers to recover data from dead or faulty Surface Pro.6 and 7 laptops or other devices using the same BGA data chip. In fact, the repair process is often tedious, time-consuming and expensive as users will first need to repair the motherboard and repair the device to restore data. Sometimes the alternate data restoration option is to solder the BGA chip from the faulty motherboard and solder it to a good motherboard.

Due to these repair difficulties, HDD Head Tools exists to make the process much easier for data engineers and users. With the new Surface Pro Laptop Smart Recovery Adapter, users will only need to remove the BGA data chip from the motherboard, secure the data chip in the chip socket, and connect the data recovery adapter. smart surface pro data disk to laptop. This professional surface repair process is done to convert the BGA chip to USB flash drive, allowing easy recovery of lost data stored in the chip.

“With this new Smart Surface Pro Data Drive Recovery Adapter, users only need to solder the chip and place it on our chip carrier, then connect to any computer. When it is fact, data is only returned if the chip is not physically damaged,” the company spokesperson said.

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HDD Head Tools is the source and factory for the world’s best hard drive head replacement tools, donor hard drives, donor and unlocked PCBs, data recovery training materials and videos. HDD Head Tools always offers all head tools at cost-effective prices, and all data recovery engineers can minimize their investment and maximize the success of their data recovery business. HDD Head tools will offer more and more head and platter swapping tools in the future for full support and better support for all hard drives.

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