Stuck on BIOS boot screen when hard drive is installed


I have the following in my PC:

Ryzen 7 3700x processor


Gigabyte B550 DS3h motherboard

240 GB NVMe of unknown brand (boot drive)

Crucial Ballistix 2x8GB 3600MHz 16 CL Memory

Power supply EVGA B5 550w

The operating system is Manjaro

Seagate 16TB x18 EXOS hard drive (problem)

I started troubleshooting with a Corsair CX450M power supply (all other components were the same) and experienced the following symptoms:

The PC would not boot with the Seagate hard drive installed (using a screwdriver, there was no power button). It turned on and started normally without the hard drive. I repeated these symptoms with another known hard drive leading me to believe it was a problem with the power supply.

I upgraded to the EVGA B5 550w and a case with a power button. Now the PC turns on and gets stuck on the BIOS boot screen.

My start screen does not have the F9 option (this is from the internet, not my screen) but otherwise looks the same.

I tried the same with the known good hard drive and it boots normally, not sure why I have a different symptom set on the two different power supplies, but maybe I have a problem with hard drive and power supply problem.

Anyway, I only have this problem with the SATA connector plugged in, I can plug the SATA power cable from the power supply into the drive and the PC boots up, the hard drive spins, but the PC does not recognize it of course.

I also tried swapping out the SATA cables and SATA power cables on the power supply, but that also didn’t work.

I’m worried my $ 350 hard drive is DOA, but wanted to check the internet before trying to get a refund. I also thought it was weird that the computer couldn’t start at all and got stuck on the start screen.

EDIT: I can’t access BIOS at all, F12 and DEL don’t do anything

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