Steelers’ TJ Watt named DPOY in League Executive Awards vote


The NFL race for the 2021 Defensive Player of the Year award remains relatively open between the top three of Pittsburgh’s TJ Watt, Cleveland’s Myles Garrett and Dallas rookie Micah Parsons, but if the thoughts of 23 anonymous league leaders have to mean something, the Steelers will be adding another individual material to franchise history.

According to a survey conducted Thursday by Tom Pelissero, an NFL insider, Watt was the overall winner of the NFL DPOY award, edging out Parsons in the vote. In Week 15, Watt – who missed two full games and games of two more with injury – already set the Steelers’ single-season franchise record for sacks in one season with 17. 0, overtaking James Harrison, and is also on course to break the NFL single-season sack record set by New York Giants Hall of Fame Michael Strahan in 2001 at 22.5.

While the only blockage in Watt’s DPOY case may be the missed games, this did not seem to pose any problem for the league officials, who voted anonymously in Pelissero’s investigation. Watt won the DPOY vote with eight votes, overtaking Parsons.

“With eight votes, TJ Watt won a split race, doubling the four votes for runner-up, dynamic and Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons..

Watt leads the NFL in sacks (17.5), QB hits (30) and sack rate (6.0% of pass-rush snaps, the highest in the Next Gen era. Stats, who started in 2016) despite only playing 12 games this season, he is missing one due to a groin injury and another due to hip / knee issues. He also missed half of a Week 14 game against the Vikings with a groin injury. Only Professional Football Hall of Fame member Reggie White averaged more sacks per game (1.75 in the shortened 1987 campaign) than Watt (1.46), who still has a chance to beat the Michael Strahan’s one-season sack record of 22.5 – and can impact the game in other ways too.

“He can rush the passer and he can let go and he does a lot of multiple things in their defense,” said an NFC executive. “He’s not just a passer.”

An AFC executive said: “He’s not the most gifted guy, but he’s relentless.”

CB Cowboys Trevon Diggs (three), DE Browns Myles Garrett (three), Chargers rusher Joey Bosa (two), Rams DT Aaron Donald (one), Bears OLB Robert Quinn (one) and Rams CB Jalen Ramsey (a) also received votes. a).

These voting results are rather surprising, not in the sense that Watt won a landslide, but that names like Joey Bosa and Jalen Ramsey got votes. Trevon Diggs, Garrett, Aaron Donald, and even Robert Quinn are all worthy candidates, although only one or two can argue Watt’s case.

He’s arguably the most disruptive passer and general backer in the NFL today. And he doesn’t just do it as a smuggler, either. Watt is a formidable running defender, a defender who consistently sets the edge and can stand out with splash plays on runs, hitting football with his formidable hand-eye coordination and timing, hitting football.

When he’s on the court and in good health, the Steelers are a 12-13 win streak. When not on the pitch, the Steelers’ defense falls off a cliff, resulting in a team struggling to find the games they need to win, placing them at a rate of around 4 or 5 wins. .

That’s a surprising difference, and one that should put him in the league MVP discussion.

This will not happen, however, as we all know. Next best case scenario for Watt? The League of L.

I’m sure he’ll be happy with that.

If any action is to be put in the thoughts and opinions of league officials, Watt is well on his way to securing his first DPOY award.


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