Some Halo Infinite players need to use Dev Kits during the First Major Tournament


Microsoft apparently has as much trouble getting Xbox consoles as everyone else, as do some of the first big players. Infinite halo tournament in Raleigh, NC are forced to play on Xbox Series X Dev Kits (via Kotaku). Game Development Kits consist of material that developers use to create games and are not generally available to the public, let alone used in official game tournaments.

Tahir Hasandjekic, the Halo esports and the audience leader at 343 Industries tweeted ahead of the tournament’s start, warning some gamers that they will need to play on the Xbox Series X Dev Kits instead of the real thing. He notes that the development kits are “functionally identical and will work in ‘Retail’ mode.” Players will still get the “same experience” as other players playing on the standard console, but the hardware will obviously be very different. As for the reason for using development kits, Hasandjekic bluntly explains that “the global supply chain shortage is real.”

The shortage of chips has made it difficult to find everything from PC parts and game consoles, vehicles and even household appliances. In September, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said supply chain constraints could last until next year. It’s gotten so bad that not only are Microsoft struggling to get enough of their own consoles, even Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of services, can’t seem to get their hands on a new Xbox either. Cue took to @XboxStockAlerts, a Twitter account that posts about Xbox console restockings, proving that even having the most connections can’t guarantee you console access.


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