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sintered, an expert in the compact SLS 3D printing segment, has entered into a partnership with Forward AM, the brand of BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH. The cooperation between the companies is dedicated to the joint development of the compact SLS segment with related materials and equipment, as well as industrial applications.

This collaboration is a natural consequence of the growth of SLS 3D printing technology, especially the compact segment, which was created by Sinterit with its first printer – Lisa. The compact segment was a missing link between expensive but professional SLS technology and less precise technologies available to small and medium businesses. It took several years to build this segment, but in the meantime, Sinterit decided to enter the industrial segment with NILS 480. This SLS 3D printer, with a large print volume (200 x 200 x 330 mm) is dedicated to companies looking for a return on investment. and flexibility. Entering the industrial segment and strengthening cooperation with Forward AM will speed up the work of introducing many new materials to the market.Sinterit, an expert in the compact SLS 3D printing segment, has entered into a partnership with Forward AM, the brand of BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH.

Forward AM is intensively developing new innovative materials suitable for use in SLS technology. The production of materials dedicated to specific devices is part of the strategy to make 3D powder materials widely functional and affordable, from small-scale entry-level to large-scale industrial use. The cooperation with Sinterit on plug & play system solutions aims to open up new applications in a creative way.

“A prerequisite for a strong increase in the potential of this technology is new applications that can be opened by materials. In cooperation with BASF Forward AM materials, Sinterit will introduce ready-made materials with the Lisa and NILS lines, ”said Konrad Głowacki, co-founder of Sinterit responsible for product management.

The cooperation with a key player in the compact SLS segment is the implementation of Forward AM’s long-term strategy related to driving the industrialization of additive manufacturing. Forward AM invests in research and development, as well as in the commercial development of the industrial and functional application of 3D printing. In collaboration with many specialist industrial partners, new materials, integrated system solutions and service offerings are continuously developed. Forward AM’s R&D laboratories are located in Ludwigshafen (Germany), Lyon (France), Shanghai (China) and Wyandotte (United States).

“Entering into the partnership with Sinterit allows us to make our high performance materials even more accessible. The combination of Sinterit’s material and our SLS powders will enable customers to realize new industrial applications of high reliable quality. This step contributes to the continued industrialization of additive manufacturing, ”said Stefan Josupeit, Head of the Powder Bed Fusion Business Line, BASF 3D Printing Solutions.


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