Sepura selects Softil’s MCX technology to launch the next generation of wearables, devices and applications for first aid vehicles


Critical communications device provider Sepura and global broadband MCX solutions leader Softil today jointly announce that Softil’s Mission Critical Push-to-Talk, Data and Video (MCX) Software Development Kit (SDK) has been adopted by Sepura to support its Android operating system. vehicle-based portable and broadband communication devices and applications.

The announcement underscores Sepura’s continued commitment to providing interoperable communications solutions to meet the needs of mission-critical and enterprise users. Harnessing both narrowband and broadband technologies, Sepura’s portable and vehicular broadband solutions combine the robust mission-critical communications provided by TETRA, with the rich communications offered by MCX technology. First responders in blue light organizations and users in commercial and critical environments, such as mining and transportation, will be the first to benefit.

Sepura’s broadband devices support Mission Critical Voice (MCPTT) and Data (MCData) features. Built on the Android operating system, the devices offer compatibility with a wide range of apps that have been designed to run on existing Android smartphones and tablets. Sepura has chosen to add MCX capabilities as part of the device firmware, which is the only way to ensure full utilization of the device’s powerful hardware capabilities. This, in turn, dramatically improves the user experience and delivers exceptional performance and rigorous adherence to standard and service provider-specific KPIs.

“Sepura brings together devices and data applications to create compelling solutions that enable customers in more than 100 countries to meet the demanding operational challenges they face every day,” said Peter Hudson, Chief Technology Officer of Sepura. “Bringing enhanced MCX communication vehicles and portable solutions to market and ensuring their interoperability with all MCX servers in the most cost-effective and time-efficient manner is achieved through the adoption of Softil’s enabling technology. .

Peter Hudson, CTO, Sepura

“Sepura is a leader in public safety communications solutions and Softil is thrilled to partner with the company to begin this new journey in the growing MCX market,” adds Pierre Hagendorf, CEO of Softil. “Adopting our SDK for its new lines of in-vehicle devices and handhelds will ensure interoperability with the growing MCX ecosystem.”

Ensuring the interoperability of different MCX systems avoids silos and allows first responders to better communicate with each other during routine daily tasks and during major disasters.

Sepura’s hybrid vehicle device, the SCU3, offering both wideband MCX and TETRA capabilities, is an evolution of its proven TETRA solution deployed today by more than two million public safety and mission-critical users in the world. The device, together with its mobile device management solution, becomes a complete communication hub for vehicles, providing customers with a clear upgrade path for their critical communication needs.

Sepura’s SCU3 Dual Mode device offers users both voice and mission-critical data in a single device

Sepura’s SCU3 Broadband Vehicle Device has successfully demonstrated compliance with the Global Certification Forum (GCF) technical requirements for certification of devices incorporating 3GPP technologies and features, ensuring its compatibility for use in mobile networks worldwide using 2G, 3G and 4G technologies.

Softil, the world’s leading provider of standards-based, fully tested, interoperable and market-proven IP communications solutions, has been the primary enabler of MCX markets for the past five years. Its MCX technology is now at the heart of the critical public safety market, which analysts predict will exceed $20 billion by 2028.

Softil’s technology enables developers to quickly create best-in-class, standards-based solutions for any network and provides complete assurance of interoperability with other standards-based tools in the industry. ecosystem of MCX products.

Softil’s enabling technology works on all common operating systems including Windows, (many variants of) Linux, Android and iOS. iOS and Android are the personal operating systems of most first responders, while Linux and Windows are commonly used for vehicles, trains, and other in-vehicle devices and solutions.


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