Samsung digs into Apple’s stagnant innovation, hints a foldable iPhone could be launched


It’s funny how we’ve actually come full circle from foldable dumb phones, to flat smartphones, to foldable smartphones, which seem to be all the rage now. However, Apple seems to be holding back on this design trend as it hasn’t even hinted at a foldable device yet. However, that could soon change if Samsung’s estimates hold true.

Earlier in October, Samsung’s mobile division reportedly met with parts suppliers over the development of the strategy. During these meetings, The Electric claims that “considerable time” has been spent discussing Samsung’s foldable smartphone strategy and how it might shape up in the next few years. Specifically, the foldable market is believed to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 80% by 2025. However, it is also expected that this market will also not be dominated solely by Samsung at this point.

Samsung believes that by 2024, Apple will have entered the foldable device market via laptops and tablets before introducing a phone. It also lines up with some of the rumors we’ve heard previously about a foldable iPad. However, due to this delay, the South Korean tech giant also reported that millennial iPhone users in South Korea are switching to Samsung foldable devices three to four times faster than before, so Apple may have a hard time. catch-up work to be done in order to move forward. Perhaps this delay is precisely what Samsung is poking fun at in its latest ad campaign, pictured above, talking about foldables and how users of a “no-name smartphone brand” that looks suspiciously like the iPhone must Wait for new smartphone features and innovation.

Ultimately, we may be heading towards a world of foldable smart devices that allow for more screen real estate, without giving up a lot of space and portability. However, several things need to be strengthened before that happens, such as glass supply chains, weight and thickness limitations, and other issues that all contribute to the challenges of this major smartphone redesign effort. . Either way, it will be exciting to see how Apple chooses whether or not to compete in this market in the future.


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