Resume-Based Barking Dog Keeps Home Safe, No Need to Walk


To encounter [Tanner]. [Tanner] is a hacker who also appreciates the security of his home when he’s out of town. After researching home security, they discovered that it doesn’t take much to prevent a home from being burglarized. True, really determined burglars might be harder to avoid. But, for the opportunists who don’t like to see their appendages treated like a chew toy or their faces on the local news, the steaks are down. All it would take is a security camera or two, or a big barking dog to send them on their way. Rather than running to the local animal shelter, [Tanner] used pieces that were already in place to create a solution to the problem: computer vision triggered a virtual dog.

A real burglar surprised by [Tanner]and a source of inspiration for the project

The canine computer hardware is simple: a surveillance camera transmits images to a Raspberry Pi which, when triggered, emits the sound of a dog barking. But [Tanner] took it a step further by powering the Pi with of them cameras each pointing in different directions. Depending on which camera is triggered, the bark will sound as if it is heading towards each door moving the audio from the right channel to the left channel, or vice versa.

[Tanner] has generously made the entire project available via its Gitea website. The fake dog is a wonderfully simple little system, but according to its author, not without flaws. See the post on their site for their plans to improve project efficiency and accuracy.

If you’re the type to Is want to walk their robodog, check out OpenDog version 3, an open source pooch you can 3d print and build yourself!


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