Renice SSD solutions for industrial robotics applications


Today, industrial robots are frequently used in various fields, including industry, security, and the military. Robots used in daily life only need to use ordinary memory cards to meet their operational recording needs. As for industrial robots, they are generally used in harsh environments, which requires them to be equipped with industrial-grade components. How to solve the problems of control and data storage of the Industrial Robot in harsh environment? Renice can provide support.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of robot technology, the importance of the rational application of robots has been discovered by more and more people. Robots can replace or help humans perform various tasks. All boring, dangerous, poisonous and harmful tasks can be done by them.

Apart from being widely used in manufacturing, robots are also used in other fields such as resource exploration and development, disaster relief and insurance, medical services, home entertainment , military and aerospace. It can not only operate remotely, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. More importantly, it can better ensure the safety of workers.

The structure of the Robot:

1. Robot position detection; 2. Detection of robot force; 3. System of interaction with the environment of the robot; 4. Human-computer interaction system; 5. Robot drive; 6. Linear transmission mechanism; 7. Rotation transmission mechanism; 8. Robot detection system.

Among them, the human-computer interaction system is a device that allows operators to participate in robot control and communicate with the robot. As one of the most essential components of the robot, the robot controller has a decisive influence on the performance of the robot and affects the development of the robot to some extent.

Robot controller system challenges:

Robot Controller System is a device with functions of fast computing and data storage, in the industrial working environment, there are the following challenges:

1. Harsh environments, which require all hardware inside to be resistant to vibration, humidity, dust and high temperatures.
2. Stable performance, unstable performance will directly lead to robot inefficiency and damage.
3. Compact design, requires all hardware inside to be sturdy and small in size.

Renice SSD Solution:

According to the challenges of Robot Controller System, Renice offers the following two solutions:
1. Renice X5A half-flat SATAIII SSD

I. Multiple protections for harsh environments:

Renice SSD adopts industrial materials with higher reliability for harsh environments. Special functions are also designed, such as power failure protection, industrial operating temperature, secure data erase, physical destruction, etc. It can better guarantee its good performance in extreme temperature.
Meanwhile, Renice SSD adopts special conformal coating to make the product more resistant to moisture, shock and high temperature.

II. Stability never down:

Any jitter while saving data will result in frame loss and lead to security monitoring breach with serious adverse consequences.
Renice’s products perfectly ensure long-term operation of security monitoring by optimizing the firmware structure and maintaining the best stability during operation.

III. Small size for a compact design:

Renice half-flat SATAIII SSD size: 54 x 39 x 4 mm
Renice mSATA SATAIII SSD Size: 50.95 x 30 x 3.65mm


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