Razer launches new streaming hardware, including RGB main light


One of the most well-known PC peripheral manufacturers, Razer, is launching a new line of products aimed at streamers. They all look a bit like the recently released Productivity Kit which focuses on an understated design and quiet keys, as opposed to the usual RGB blast that Razer is known for. Most of these entries don’t seem to be so flashy and are more about function.

The Razer Seiren Bluetooth Microphone is a clip-on lavalier mic for streamers on the go. Many streamers sit at a desk with a large, self-contained mic to play games, but as streaming continues to diversify, that’s changing on a regular basis. There are cooking streams, IRL streams, mobile gamers, fitness streams, VR and more.

Being able to have a smaller portable mic that clips onto your clothes is a great solution. At $99 USD or $165.95 AUD if this omnidirectional mic is as fit for purpose as it says on the box, it could be a great microphone for all kinds of content creators.

Another audio solution on offer is the Razer Audio Mixer. This is an analog box that allows you to mix your sounds outside of your PC. It features a 4-channel interface with direct inputs for all your standard devices, and it works with Razer Synapse 3 software for further setup and sophisticated RGB lighting.

It might sound a bit niche, but most streamers will tell you that your audio is easily one of the most important things to get right. This can be tricky and it gives streamers an extra level of control tied to a brand and software they are familiar with. At $249.99 USD or $419.95 AUD, it’s pricey and very specific, but it could be a useful kit to improve audio quality that’s hopefully nice and easy to use.

The end product of the line, the Razer Key Light Chroma is actually quite flashy. It looks like a highly customizable studio-style light for streamers. These are the lights that tend to sit in front of certain streamers, casting a well-diffused light over their setup and faces. Lighting is a particularly difficult thing for streamers to adjust.

The time of day, your room, the brightness of the game you’re playing, your camera and many other factors can play a part. A studio light is extremely useful for creating an even distribution across the stage, and because this one is from Razer, it comes with customizable RGB. The lights can even be configured to be interactive to interact with the audience, so this is another product that really knows its niche.

It’s got a lot of great features like a small footprint and desk clamp and at 2,800 lumens it’s possibly the most RGB thing Razer has ever made. At $299.99 USD or $519 AUD, this is by no means a cheap light, but it does have a few bells and whistles that may justify the price.

This product release really feels like Razer is tackling some of the more specialized streaming needs. I can’t wait to see what we end up selling for whatever tomorrow’s streamer does to entertain.


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