PS5 hardware upgrade brings some improvements


The latest version of the PS5 seemed to have some hardware upgrades. Thanks to these upgrades, the console has seen improvements in various areas of its performance. Read on to learn more about what they changed and what improvements they made.

In his latest YouTube video, tech YouTuber Austin Evans took down the latest model of the PS5 and compared it to its predecessors. The new model, the PS5 CFI-1202B model, has three distinct differences from the CFI-1100 model. It is important to note that when it comes to model numbers, only the first two digits matter. The 1202B model is pretty much the same as the other models in the 1200 series of models.

PS5 hardware upgrade

For starters, the CFI-1200 model’s motherboard was smaller than the launch model 1000 and model 1100. They mentioned in the video that it was about two inches shorter than its predecessors. This allowed PS5 hardware engineers to move parts around, which is very noticeable in the upcoming change.

The second big change to the latest model was the change to the heatsink. For those not in the know, the heatsink is responsible for absorbing the heat produced by the PS5 during its operation. This is then dissipated by the fan. When they compared the heat fans of the three models, they noticed that the heat sink was smaller and even had extra copper tubing to help dissipate the heat. One qualm Evans had was that the new heatsink now covered the CMOS battery. This makes it harder to replace the part when needed.

One minor change they noticed is that the SSD enclosure has been tweaked slightly.

PS5 Overall Performance Upgrade

Evans tested the performance of all three consoles and noted that the latest model consumed less power. The 1200 hit 201W, compared to 218W for the 1000 and 229W for the 1100. The noise produced by all three consoles was about the same when measured. In terms of temperature, the last model actually produced more heat than the other two. However, Evans noted that since the heat was dispersed over a larger area, it was preferable. It’s also important to note that the 1200 model weighed 200 grams, or about 0.5 lbs, lighter than the 1100 model. That makes it a 500g set, or 1.1 lbs lighter than the 1000 model.

One interesting thing to note with this upgrade is that around the same time, the price of the PS5 increased in various countries. Whether this price change was caused by this hardware upgrade or not is up for debate.

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