Poll: Will you buy a foldable PC?


As foldable technology has become more mainstream on the mobile side, we’re starting to see growth when it comes to the PC market. The ASUS ZenBook 17 Fold and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold were unveiled at IFA 2022 this week. They exemplify a refinement of folding screens on laptop computers and are the pioneers of a category of PC.

Flexible laptops from ASUS and Lenovo support multiple postures, including as large tablets, clamshell laptops, and portable all-in-ones. The ThinkPad X1 Fold can also fold into portrait mode to create a pseudo-multi-monitor setup.

While the technology behind foldable PCs is intriguing, we’d like to know if our readers find it practical. Do you plan to buy a foldable PC sometime in the next year? You may be considering waiting for the technology to mature. On the other hand, you may never want a foldable laptop. Let us know where you stand in our latest poll.

For those unaware of the latest foldables, here’s what our editor Rich Edmonds had to say about the Zenbook 17 Fold:

“The ASUS Zenbook 17 Fold is a truly unique device for the company’s launch. We’ve seen the ASUS Zenbook Pro 14 Duo, which has a secondary display but sacrifices keyboard space in doing so. The Zenbook 17 Fold simply enlarges the screen to cover the entire surface, completely removing the keyboard. It may sound strange on paper, but after unboxing you start to understand the potential.”

Our editor Daniel Rubino also took a look at the new ThinkPad X1 Fold this week:

“With five postures (Laptop Mode, PC Landscape, PC Portrait, Book Mode, and Tablet Mode), the new Lenovo X1 Fold is arguably the most versatile PC around. When folded up and closed, you can see just how it’s eclipsed by a good 16-inch laptop (the new ThinkPad X1 Extreme). It’s night and day, which makes the X1 Fold a much more portable PC (okay, the X1 Extreme is way more powerful, too).”

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