Pokemon developer mentions ‘next-gen hardware’ in job listing


As Switch 2 rumors began to die down, a Pokemon developer hints at a next-gen Nintendo console in a new job listing.

As the latest wave of rumors about the successor to the Switch began to die down, a Nintendo subsidiary specializing in Pokemon reignited speculation that development of the next Nintendo console is already well underway. Namely, for a long time Pokemon Developer Creatures Inc. named “next-gen hardware” in a new Japanese job listing released earlier this week.

Between the 2019 release of the Switch Lite and the 2021 debut of the Switch OLED model, Nintendo is also widely rumored to be working on a high-end overhaul of its popular hybrid console, tentatively dubbed the Switch Pro. And while the Switch Pro Rumors Haven’t Completely Disappeared over the past year, they changed after Nintendo insisted it had no plans to release another console in the foreseeable future.


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Now, however, a new listing for a 3D character modeler from Pokemon Developer Creatures Inc. mentioned “research and development regarding next-gen hardware” as part of the advertised job description. While the announcement doesn’t go into more detail, Creatures Inc. is definitely on the list of studios that would have insider knowledge of Nintendo’s ongoing hardware development efforts. Founded in 1989 as Ape Inc., the studio is credited as the developer of nearly every 21st century character model Pokemon game, from main inputs like Pokémon Sword and Shield to consequences such as Detective Pikachu and Pokemon GO. He has also independently developed many Pokemon Coliseum and Pokemon Ranger securities.

Whether the next-gen hardware mentioned in the list refers to a full-fledged successor or a high-end Switch overhaul in the vein of the previously announced Switch Pro, this development is yet another indication that Nintendo is already looking beyond of its current line of consoles. . For more context, the company is only a few months away from remove both Wii U and 3DSand will only support the Switch ecosystem from next March.

While that may imply that a Switch 2 announcement is coming in the near future, Nintendo’s established track record suggests the company may not stop with just three Switch revisions. Another argument for releasing Switch Pro before a true next-gen console is the fact that the global chip shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is still not completely complete and continues to put significant pressure on consumer electronics supply chains around the world.

Based on this year Nvidia leak referring to a Switch 2 graphics API, Nintendo’s next console is expected to once again feature a system-on-chip made by Nvidia. And given the massive success of the Switch, it’s likely that Nintendo will continue to pursue hybrid devices that support both TV and handheld gaming for the foreseeable future.

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