Pixel 8 hardware leaks suggest faster chip, tweaked screen ratios

Enlarge / If early Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro rumors are to be believed, there could be more RAM and a noticeably different chip inside the even lower-grade Pixel 8.

Ron Amadeo/Ars Technica

Google’s Pixel lineup changes from year to year, but one area of ​​consistency is the frequent supply chain leaks at every stage of a Pixel’s life. Only a few weeks later the Pixel 7 Having arrived in most people’s hands, a German website claims to have details of two Pixel-like devices being tested at Google.

WinFuture cites devices named “Shiba” and “Husky”, both running Android 14 “Upside Down Cake” and sporting a new Tensor G3 system-on-chip developed with Samsung’s Exynos division. WinFuture’s source suggests that the package, codenamed Zuma, would have the same 5G modem as the Tensor G2, but the processor would be based on Samsung’s 3nm Exynos 2300, with typical Google AI/ML enhancements built in. The Exynos 2300 was apparently about to be canceled but has recently reappeared in Bluetooth certification documents.

A 3nm Exynos-2300 based Tensor matches what Pixel hardware observer Kuba Wojciechowski has seen in export databases and heard from sources.

Our Pixel 7 Pro review noted that Google’s 5nm Tensor chips, introduced because the company was supposed to “held back for yearsby Qualcomm’s offerings, were slower than Qualcomm’s most recent offerings. A manufacturing change could help push Pixels beyond ordinary Android performance (but probably not even touch Apple’s significant lead).

The biggest change WinFuture suggests to these alleged prototypes is 12GB of memory in the 8 and 8 Pro models, which makes the standard 8 stand out more from the mid-to-high end competition. The screen shape and ratio could also change slightly, going from 2400×1080 to 2268×1080 on the standard model and from 3120×1440 to 2822×1344 on the Pro.

All of this, WinFuture notes, is “pure speculation,” and the devices could be “just Google’s hardware team test rigs.” There are indeed a number of Pixel platforms with hardware ideas floating around, including what could become the highly speculative Pixel 7a. Pixel folding (potentially postponed to 2023), and an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor test model on a “Pixel G10”. That said, it’s easier to believe a leak on a Pixel product than on any other flagship device.


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