Peters leads lawmakers’ long-awaited cybersecurity response


Peters has championed legislation that requires CISA to study cybersecurity risks facing schools and come up with guidelines to strengthen defenses.

Peters’ stamp also features on other measures that have become law as part of the infrastructure spending bill, which provides $1 billion in grants to state and local governments to improve cybersecurity, creates a $100 million fund that the Secretary of Homeland Security could use to help the federal government. and private sector entities reeling from a cyberattack, and demands that the EPA assess and identify public water systems that could be crippled during a cyberattack.

Peters’ approach to addressing cybersecurity needs through multiple bills is more effective than trying to achieve it through one big bill, said policy director Tom Gann. from cybersecurity research firm Trellix.

Cybersecurity is an “extremely complex field, it’s global, national, local, it has many tentacles, so a one-size-fits-all solution will never meet the goal of radically changing the cybersecurity landscape,” Gann said. in an interview. “What’s needed is to address the different parts of the cybersecurity threat landscape, piece by piece.”

Three other Peters-backed cybersecurity bills await Biden’s signature. The House authorized all three in May.


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