Our two-year review of the Artemis Spectrum gaming headset


Our Logitech Artemis Spectrum review is based on two years of daily use, proving just how solid and reliable this gaming headset is.

Fans of tactical shooters looking for a high-end headset have a ton of options to choose from. Amid the sea of ​​HyperX and Razer offerings, Logitech helps its headsets stand out with bonus buttons, expanded RGB, and a stable USB connection. The G933 Artemis Spectrum are the latest example of the company’s high-tech headphones, but is it the best choice for every gamer? Here are all the pros and cons of the Artemis Spectrum headphones compared to its competitors.

If you’re looking for a quick Logitech Artemis Spectrum gaming mouse review:

When it comes to sound, looks, and quality, the Artemis Spectrum is solid on all fronts. Surround sound is perfect for in-game clutch situations with excellent input customization. Battery life isn’t best in class and the weight might be a deal breaker for some, but the Artemis Spectrum checks every box for a tactical shooter fan looking to upgrade.

Who is the target audience for the Logitech Artemis Spectrum?

Based on Logitech’s own statements, the Artemis Spectrum is aimed at the committed gamer who needs excellent surround sound. Logitech hasn’t said whether the headset was made with any input from esports pros, but its features are robust enough to be considered esports-ready, and that’s certainly all you need. for competitive games at home.

Based on price and features, the Artemis definitely sits in the high-end segment of the gaming headset market. Several desired features such as wireless connection and a noise-canceling microphone justify the $160 price tag. Similar alternatives to the G933 are the EPOS Audio H3 Hybrid and the Audio-Technica ATH-G1.

As for platforms, the Artemis Spectrum lists all of the following as compatible with the headset.

  • mac
  • pc
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Smart-TV
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox series

The Artemis Spectrum box includes a direct USB and RCA cable for all platforms that cannot use the standard wireless dongle.

Logitech Artemis Spectrum promises great specs and features

The Artemis Spectrum feature list includes almost every popular feature, but Logitech is clearly more committed to some specs and features of this headset than others.

Starting with the visuals, the Artemis Spectrum is a chunky helmet with two rectangular cups and a wide band. It has two RGB zones along both earcups and a light-up logo on the left side. The 372 gram weight makes the Artemis Spectrum one of the heaviest headsets in its class, although the wireless connection requires a bit more bulk.

The noise-canceling microphone folds up to cut and store, making the headphones easy to carry. The back of the left earbud features a volume wheel and a power slider to turn it on and off. It also houses four customizable buttons that default to standard functions such as mute and mute.

All buttons are fully customizable using Logitech G Hub software. The four buttons along the left headset can be linked to different features and inputs. In theory, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players could use them for grenade binds. However, they are more useful as additional mute and mute functions.

Logitech advertises the Artemis Spectrum as having 12 hours of battery life without RGB, but our review tests found it to be a little less than that. Disabling RGB completely is supposed to last eight hours, but that may not be enough. The headphones have much longer battery life right out of the box than after a year or two of use.

The best parts of the Logitech Artemis Spectrum

$160 is a big change for a Valorant gaming headset, but the Logitech Artemis Spectrum offers plenty of key features that stand out as its best parts.

The first thing buyers will notice about the headset is its solid construction. The outer shell is perfectly aligned and rigid to the touch. This extends to the headband, which is sturdy and lined with foam for a comfortable fit. The programmable buttons are very clicky and the power switch requires a satisfying push to turn on and off. In our tests, the Artemis Spectrum can certainly handle a drop or two from desk height, showing its reliability even under duress.

Another standout feature are the clickable G buttons, as Logitech calls them. Few gaming headsets offer customizable input options, with some not even offering volume controls. G Pro buttons can be easily programmed to mute, mute, return to volume presets and even pause and play media. The G Hub software didn’t always work in our other reviews for different hardware, but the Artemis Spectrum worked flawlessly.

Sound is something every gaming headset needs to nail, and the Artemis Spectrum generally delivers here. The headset features 7.1 Dolby and DTS surround sound, although users can switch to mono or stereo if they wish. Volume range is excellent, although music can sound odd without the proper settings. The lows are low, the highs are high, and it’s easy to determine the direction of footsteps in your favorite tactical shooter.

Although the above-average weight may bother some gamers, Logitech has prepared for the problem with its thick foam earpads. With the plush headband, the Artemis Spectrum is a surprisingly comfortable pair of headphones. They’re easy to wear for long gaming sessions and hold enough for most VR adventures.

Artemis Spectrum Battery and Weight Review

$160 can’t buy perfection, and this review section covers the Logitech Artemis Spectrum’s few flaws.

The Logitech Artemis Spectrum’s battery life is probably its most debatable feature. The box claims 12 hours, but after a few months of use it starts to sound more like eight hours.

Voice quality can be a killer quality for gaming headsets. You’ll never hear it yourself, but the Artemis Spectrum doesn’t quite deliver the same clarity and depth as other microphones on the market. market. It looks a lot like the G635.

Finally, the weight of the Logitech Artemis Spectrum could put off some potential buyers. The headset weighs 372 grams, which is enough to make them noticeable when you first wear them, although it’s easy to get used to.

How the Logitech Artemis Spectrum compares to alternatives

Let’s review the specifications of the Logitech Artemis Spectrum against two of its competitors.

Logitech Artemis Spectrum EPOS Audio H3 Hybrid Audio-Technica ATH-G1
$160 $161 $169
Wireless dongle Wireless Bluetooth Wired
weight of 372 grams weight of 298 grams weight of 249 grams
RBG logo and scope No lighting No lighting
12 hour battery life Autonomy of 37 hours Wired only
Volume and five custom buttons Volume and media controls mute cable

Facing competition reviews, the Logitech Artemis Spectrum wins in RGB lighting options and customizable buttons. It’s also the only option to offer a USB dongle connection, which is much easier to set up and seems much less prone to interference.

However, the Artemis Spectrum lacks a bit of battery life and weight. Those giant plush ear cups and sturdy build make it a little heavier than some of its peers, and battery life is worse than the H3.

Logitech Artemis Spectrum combines quality and features

All things considered, the Artemis Spectrum is an excellent gaming headset with a few minor flaws. Build quality is high with excellent digital customization. The excellent Bluetooth connection and solid build quality are big pluses. Here is a brief refresher on the best parts of the Logitech Artemis headset.

  • Solid build quality
  • Great surround sound
  • Excellent customization software
  • Very comfortable ear cups

The Logitech Artemis Spectrum is a great gaming headset for a Valorant gamer looking for a good balance of features and quality. There are enough customizable buttons that you can bind Agent abilities to them, and the surround sound is great for finding hidden enemies. Logitech’s build quality and fun RGB make the price point appropriate.


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