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Create a fail-safe environment

Dr. Capon co-founded Nominal Systems with Chief Technology Officer Dr. Brenton Smith in 2019. The start-up specializes in simulation tools that enable organizations to deliver complex space systems quickly and with confidence.

Leveraging their digital twin technology, confluence of Internet of Things, cloud and advanced simulation, Nominal helps customers design, test and optimize their products in a safe environment.

The company’s first product, Nominal Editor, is a digital framework for space systems designed to help engineers and project managers.

“It’s all about creating fast concepts,” says Capon. “Yes, you can build a spaceship much like Lego, from the bottom up.

“Nominal Editor has many sophisticated features allowing for detailed satellite modeling, and the video game-style graphics provide a very immersive environment,” says Dr. Trevor Lafleur, Principal Engineer at ThrustMe.

“The ability to interface with hardware components is particularly appealing, as it allows hardware to be tested in the loop in a space-safe environment.”

Nominal Systems is also developing another product called Nominal Studio, which allows people of any skill level or expertise – not just engineers – to design a space system.

“Think of the Kerbal Space Program video game, but on steroids,” says Capon. “Users can perform analysis of the commercial space, and then they can connect to telemetry from real data sources, so they can see both using it as an early design tool, but also as a mission analysis and planning environment.


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