Nissan Introduces NISMO Off Road Frontier V8 SEMA Concept


Nissan’s performance arm and Forsberg Motorsports build Nismo Off Road Frontier Concept to show off Nismo parts and give you Frontier ideas.

Wondering what the Nissan Frontier would look like with a V8? Or if a V8 could even fit in a midsize truck? Wonder no more, because Nismo is bringing exactly that to the SEMA show next week. It’s called the Nismo Off Road Frontier V8 concept, and it gets 5.6L of Nissan Titan power.


SEMA, short for Specialty Equipment Market Association, hosts America’s largest aftermarket auto show each year in Las Vegas. Every custom and aftermarket parts company worth their salt shows up, and most of those companies bring their best parts. It’s a show so big that even the the major car manufacturers are bringing concepts and unique pieces just for this event.

Titan V8 packaged in a mid-size frontier

NISMO Frontier V8 Off-Road Concept

Unique pieces like this Nismo Off Road Border The V8 turns quite a few heads. Under the hood is a 5.6L V8 taken from the Nissan Titana good match since both trucks use the same transmission.

In the larger truck, this engine develops 400 horsepower and 513 pound-feet of torque. For this application, the truck comes with a custom Nismo cold air intake and cat-back exhaust, so it could produce even more horsepower. Regardless of the number, it’s a big jump from the 310 horsepower and 281 lb-ft of the stock Frontier 3.8L V6.

The concept is more than just a big engine, however. It’s built for off-road racing and comes with some serious hardware to back it up.

Forsberg racing construction

NISMO Frontier V8 Off-Road Concept

Forsberg Racing, the shop of drift pro Chris Forsberg, Nissan Motorsports factory driver and helmsman. build the truck. The suspension mods start with wide-track suspension that uses even more Titan hardware, including lower control arms, front knuckles, and even the full-size truck rear axle. To match the wider Titan end caps, Forsberg Racing installed custom upper control arms.

Nismo and Bilstein developed the coil spring shock absorbers mounted in the front and external reservoir shocks in the rear. A custom leaf spring pack in the rear helps handle the extra demands of jumping the truck through the desert. Front and rear springs also lift the truck, for a higher ride and more clearance underneath.

Carbon bodywork

NISMO Frontier V8 Off-Road Concept

The Nismo Frontier concept required a wider body to clear the suspension, 18×9-inch Nismo wheels and a 295 width all terrain tires. So a custom kit was built using carbon fiber panels that replace the front fenders, hood and side tables.

A big and mean off-road prototype front bumper from Nismo lives between the front fenders and it’s designed to improve the truck’s approach angle and tire clearance. It’s also very stylish, especially with the embossed Nismo logo front and center.

To finish off the look of the show truck, Forsberg Racing added two wheel carriers and spare tires integrated into the bed. Nissan calls these parts prototypes, the same label the company gave to undercab guard rails.

NISMO Off Road Frontier V8 Concept: A Parts Showcase

NISMO Frontier V8 Off-Road Concept

The roof rack, however, is a part we’ll be seeing in dealerships soon. The same goes for the nine rack-mounted driving lights and the pair mounted on top of the carbon front fenders – in case nine isn’t enough.

Nissan said the parts will be from a range of Nismo Off-Road Accessory Parts that it will be on sale soon. That’s the real reason to build the SEMA Truck, to show off its wares.

If you’re going to be at SEMA, look for the truck at the Nissan booth. It will sit alongside at least five other concepts, including a slammed Frontier mini-truck concept and a classic Sunny pickup with an electric powertrain taken from a Leaf EV.

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