Microsoft Xbox is working on ‘unexpected’ new hardware, says insider


According to a new rumor, Microsoft Xbox will work on a new devices But what will come of it? “unexpected”perhaps something other than a console or a device specifically intended for video games.

That’s what Nick usually says.pseudo“Baker, who is now a constant present among video game rumors, is often the source of rumors that have also proven true in the past. So, while not an entirely reliable source, it can be considered as a precedent, all with extreme caution.

During the new edition of the XboxEra podcast, Nick mentioned that “Xbox has some material that they want to show off, but it’s in a different area than people might expect.” All of this may make you think of the famous Dongle or stick for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Cloud Which Microsoft has been planning for a while now, according to various rumors.

The idea is that Microsoft plans to release a file Amazon fire stick To be easily applied to any screen, able to connect to the Xbox Cloud thus allowing games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog to be used in cloud games on any screen without having to go through a console, a computer, smartphone or tablet.

This issue was mentioned by Microsoft itself a while back when it talked about integrating Xbox Game Pass into TVs, although it’s unclear whether it intends to release a device. at low cost that could represent a kind of competition for its consoles. . However, it has long been seen that Redmond’s approach now differs from that of the usual console manufacturer, aiming above all to expand its ecosystem user base, so the idea is far from absurd. being seen.


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