MacBook Air won’t turn on? Here’s how to quickly fix it


People love MacBook Air for many reasons, which can be for business or personal use. However, as with other computers, data must be managed appropriately by handling it properly and ensuring that storage locations are not corrupted. If not done correctly, data loss can be a possibility.

The other unlikely scenario is when your computer won’t open! If your MacBook Air won’t turn on, for example, and you can’t continue Macbook Air data recovery, you will have every reason to worry about your files. But you shouldn’t worry too much about MacBook not turning on because you can fix this problem quickly. In this article, we focus on giving you quick fixes.

Causes of Macbook Won’t Turn On Error


When your Macbook is overheated or exposed to higher temperatures, it may not open properly, or it may not open completely. This problem not only affects Macbooks but other computers as well. Additionally, if the device encounters an error or technical issue that causes its temperature to rise above its average operating temperatures, it will usually shut down automatically. This happens to prevent further damage to the device.

If your Mac is having this problem and won’t turn on, check the cause of the device overheating and remove it. You can also make sure that you use your MacBook in a cool place to regulate its temperature. This will fix the heating issue and your Mac should be able to turn on quickly afterward. If you deleted a file before this error, see how recover deleted files from macbook air for a quick fix.

Unresponsive power button

Apart from overheating, not turning on issue can also be caused by the Macbook not responding when you press the power button. This may be the result of issues associated with Mac OS updates.

The power button may also become unresponsive if you haven’t charged your Macbook or when it’s not connected to a direct power source.

This is a simple problem that should be much easier to solve. First, check if your Mac is up to date and quickly perform system updates if the system is not. If that doesn’t solve the problem, check that the connection is correct and if the MacBook isn’t charged, power it up by connecting it to the power source.

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What to do if your Macbook Air still won’t turn on

Referring to the challenges mentioned above, the given solutions should be able to fix the problem and make your MacBook Air turn on easily. This will also facilitate the facilitation SSD Data Recovery on your Macbook Air. However, if your MacBook won’t turn on even after trying the quick fixes, we suggest other solutions below.

First solution: Check the hardware and powercycle your Macbook Air

The hardware components of your computer, as well as any accessories connected to your Macbook Air, such as mobile devices, keyboard, and mouse, can contribute to your device’s inability to turn on when needed.

A problem with any of the accessories connected to your Macbook Air will easily prevent it from turning on properly.

Once you have unplugged all devices, power cycle the Macbook. If your Macbook is facing this problem because it was frozen or stuck on a black screen earlier, you can use a force restart to fix the situation. Performing a power cycle helps you shut down the power and perform a force restart. Here’s what to do:

  • Press and hold the “Power” button for about 10 seconds
  • Release the button and wait for your Mac to boot

If your MacBook Air was frozen, this procedure should be able to restart it by forcibly shutting it down and initiating a force restart. If that fails and you need to recover data, we suggest using Disk Drill to perform the process safely.

Solution two: Perform a system management controller firmware reset

Every Macbook Air comes with system management controller firmware that helps control thermal and power management, as well as battery charging, among other features like video mode switching and hibernation. Resetting the system management controller helps resolve battery and power-related issues that are likely causes of power-on failures.

Also, the system management controller firmware plays an important role in controlling the behavior of your Macbook Air’s hard drive and power supply. Since the problem is power related, this process can be a quick fix and help you get your data back.

MacBook Air MagSafe

Below are the steps to perform the SMC reset:

  • Plug the Macbook Air into a direct power source
  • Press and hold “Shift + Control + Option” and “Power” buttons
  • Release the buttons
  • Press the ignition button

If the system turns on this way, update macOS to harden the system, fix the issues causing the error that won’t turn on, and even recover data from the SSD.


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