Keysight Unveils Automotive Testing Solution for Mobile Industry’s Processor Interface


Keysight Technologies has released a new Automotive Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) Receiver (Rx) compliance testing solution to verify Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) A-PHY devices against the requirements of Conformance Test Specification (CTS).

This solution was developed in collaboration with BitifEye Digital Test Solutions and Wilder Technologies, with the support of Valens Semiconductor.

Silicon vendors plan to implement MIPI A-PHY, a long-range physical layer interface for automotive and other surround sensor applications, including cameras and in-car infotainment (IVI) displays.

Manufacturers are continually improving vehicles with autonomous features and there is significant awareness that these features should improve safety conditions.

Therefore, data collected by sensors and cameras must be transmitted accurately, precisely and quickly, from any silicon vendor.

Keysight’s Rx compliance test solution recreates a compliant transmitter that generates a controlled distorted (worst case) signal and analyzes the impact of the distortions on the receiver’s ability to correctly sample the transmitted data.

It allows vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as automotive engineers and system integrators, to stress the receiver and validate its performance in the noisy and inherently harsh environment of a car.

“At Keysight, we recognize that it is essential to meet the growing market demands for high-speed digital interfaces for next-generation in-vehicle networks,” said Thomas Gotzlvice president and general manager of Keysight’s Automotive and Energy Solutions business unit.

“This new solution from Keysight represents another way we are supporting the evolution and standardization of technologies for our automotive customers,” continued Goetzl.

Keysight’s Rx compliance test solution ensures digital transmission quality by measuring the receiver’s ability to recover data from a corrupted input signal, with the following key features:

  • A comprehensive test framework for identifying the margin at which a device under test (DUT) operates.
  • A custom device that couples noise to an active link to stress the receiver.
  • Accurate, repeatable results with Keysight’s Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) to generate a variety of random and complex noise profiles.
  • Access to predefined noise profiles.
  • All relevant hardware, software and accessories in one model number, saving time and money.
  • Automatic report generation in full HTML or PDF format, including margin analysis.

BitifEye Digital Test Solutions offers test software that complements Keysight’s product portfolio with highly integrated and automated application-specific test systems.

Keysight has partnered with BitifEye to provide the first solution capable of testing SerDes MIPI A-PHY automotive datalink receivers.

“We are excited to engage with Keysight to deliver a new way for the industry to validate receiver devices using MIPI A-PHY,” said Julien HenautChief Operating Officer, BitifEye Digital Test Solutions.

“Our customers will benefit from test solutions that will enable device manufacturers of new standardized or accepted in-vehicle automotive networks to become global standards for automotive high-speed data transmission,” Henaut continued.


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