# ITSA2021: Miovision launches a new hardware plug-in for the management of cellular network intersections


Miovision – present at this week’s ITS America annual meeting (December 7-10) in Charlotte, NC – announced the launch of a new hardware platform – Miovision Core – to support software solutions from new generation intersection.

Miovision Core is a small, expandable device that plugs into existing traffic lights and immediately connects them to a cellular network, giving traffic crews remote monitoring and alerts for maintenance and repair issues.

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Add-on extensions offer video-based detection, streaming traffic data and automated traffic light performance measurements (ATSPM); software solutions from Miovision and its partners offer signal priority, with more software capabilities planned.

“Miovision Core is smaller and more powerful than our previous hardware platform,” said Miovision co-founder and CEO Kurtis McBride. “It has the ability to run a wide range of software solutions – from Miovision and our partners. In fact, we have already attracted top partners like GTT and RapidFlow.

Global Traffic Technologies (GTT) will use the Miovision Core hardware platform at the intersection to deliver key functionality to Opticom, its centralized, software-based priority control that allows municipalities to prioritize specific vehicles, such as public transport. common or emergency responders.

“Our partnership with Miovision allows us to serve our clients in a new way, providing them with powerful information at the intersection. This transparency of performance measures at intersections, combined with our priority control solution, further translates into our vision of continuously improving the safety and operational efficiency of transit providers and first responders, ”said the President of GTT, Nicole Rennalls.

GTT and Miovision will install this hardware at intersections across North America to support their software solutions – and the number of solutions supported by Miovision Core will continue to grow.

“We aim to attract the best partners to leverage our network of Miovision Core devices at the intersection to provide solutions that municipalities need to make their traffic networks more efficient, safer and greener,” said McBride said.

Miovision Core is Miovision’s next-generation hardware platform and will eventually replace Miovision SmartLink and Miovision SmartSense. It offers twice the compute capacity of Miovision SmartLink and offers new capabilities to run more sophisticated software solutions at the intersection.

Miovision Core DCM – a small plug-in – adds over 50% more video computing power to support computer vision-based solutions such as video detection and multimodal traffic counts.

Miovision exhibiting at booth 1619 at the Charlotte Convention Center this week


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