iPad mini 6 has charging issues


Source: Adam Oram/iMore

If you’re having trouble charging your sixth-generation iPad mini, you’re definitely not alone.

In a memo sent to authorized service providers and obtained by MacRumors, Apple says some sixth-generation iPad mini units are experiencing charging issues after being updated to iPadOS 15.5. According to the memo, the company is already investigating the issue.

Apple says users can restart the device as a temporary solution. He also told service providers that the problem is software-related and not about replacing devices as a solution for customers.

In the note sent to authorized service providers, Apple said it was aware that some users may report that the latest iPad mini is unable to charge after updating to iPadOS 15.5. Apple is advising service providers and retail staff to advise customers to restart the device as a temporary solution while the investigation is ongoing.

Importantly, Apple explicitly notes that a hardware replacement of the iPad or its battery will not fix the problem, confirming that it is only a software issue. Apple is currently testing iPadOS 15.6 in beta, which may resolve the issue when released to the public.

Apple’s temporary solution is an odd workaround. If iPad completely dies due to inability to charge, how could you restart it?

iPad mini 6 is the company’s redesigned portable tablet. If you want to pick one up and maybe delay the update to iPadOS 15.5, check out our list of the best iPad deals for Prime Day 2022.

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