Intel NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon takes off at CES 2022 with Alder Lake and Arc


Intel’s next-generation NUC made a cameo appearance at CES 2022. NUC PCs tend to cram much of the performance of a high-end desktop PC into a small form factor, and the Intel NUC 12 Extreme seeks to continue this tradition.

Codenamed Dragon Canyon, this NUC is the successor to Intel’s Beast Canyon product. The Beast Canyon featured an 11th Gen Intel Core I9 processor in a shoebox-sized case. It was compact, but could still accommodate a full-length graphics card.

Unlike the Beast Canyon model, however, the latest NUC features a full-size LGA1700 CPU socket. This means, in theory, that any desktop-sized 65W Alder Lake processor should perform fine. The NUC supports up to 64 GB of DDR4-3200 RAM and will also have sockets for three PCIe Gen4 M.2 SSDs.

The office outlet is no surprise. A recently leaked photo (above) gives a close-up of the LGA1700 CPU socket as well as the pair of DIMM sockets. With the brief presentation during Intel’s demo, it is clear that the NUC will support 65W Intel Core i7 or Core i9 socket processors. Cooling will be done using a steam chamber and a fan.

Components for the Intel NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon

The Dragon Canyon Extreme is built around a compute element with the processor, WiFi-6E chipset, and major I / O ports and sockets. These include USB 3.2 Gen2, Thunderbolt 4, 10Gbe LAN, and HDMI. This is attached to a plinth to connect other components.

During the brief presentation of Dragon Canyon, Intel did not show the graphics card. So while we can’t say we’ve seen the Intel Arc Alchemist discrete graphics GPU for the NUC 12 Extreme Dragon Canyon, we do know from previous announcements that the chipmaker plans to release exactly that.

The exact release date of the Dragon Canyon Extreme is still a secret. Intel has, however, confirmed that it will ship in the first quarter of 2022.


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