In Deceive Inc., you can disguise yourself as anything, just like your enemies.


Deathloop is a nifty shooter with smartly integrated 1v1 multiplayer that really could be an entire game on its own. Deceive Inc. (opens in a new tab)which just got a new trailer at today’s PC Gaming Show (opens in a new tab)looks like this game with a lot of ambition and a bit of Prop Hunt sprinkled in.

Deceive Inc. takes the camera out on the small-scale skirmishes between Colt and Julianna in Deathloop (opens in a new tab) and takes the game to higher levels that give more 70s spy heroes a chance to outdo each other. The key trick to this FPS is that everyone has a special watch that allows them to mimic objects in the environment as they sneak up or head towards the objective. Like in Prop Hunt, you’ll need to watch potted plants and chairs carefully so they don’t shoot you in the back.

The new trailer focuses on some of Deceive Inc’s playable characters. There’s a sniper who can launch a turret, and she takes down another spy who apparently has the ability to track the last known locations of her opponents. Another spy sends a small drone to track his targets. When a spy dies, it appears to drop items that can give you an advantage in the next battle. Items create opportunities for other spies to try and swoop in and take the loot for themselves (meaning they’re probably great bait as well). It’s clear from the trailer that you’ll need to keep a low profile as you tiptoe through the level. A good spy is always ready for another player’s arsenal of abilities and gadgets.

If there was anything Deathloop lacked, it was a way to use Arkane’s clever abilities in a larger multiplayer environment. Deceive Inc. takes a clumsier approach to the spy theme, but seems to fill it with a diverse cast of characters to choose from and try to outsmart.

The spy vs. spy shooter is set to launch on PC and consoles in early 2023.


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