I have big problems with my SSD



So the problem started this morning shortly after I woke up and after I woke up my computer after my computer went blue screen while I was away for a bit (the reason was “an unexpected store exception ) but I get a blue screen every month or so and assumed it was okay but stuck at 0% so I ended up turning it off and on again. , it only hit the Windows logo and got stuck there with no loading circle. After not being able to fix it I decided to get a clean install of Windows on another drive and at least recover my data from what i assumed was a dead drive i finally made it work after some issues with linux and the new install but when i go into the file don’t see the SSD in question but 2 partitions of the SSD , those called “ESD-USB” then a local disk which does not show how much space there is and neither neither will open (gives and errors saying “A device that does not exist has been specified”). I know ESD-USB is what you use to install Windows but I didn’t ver done this so I don’t know how that would work out. I tried using software to check its health, but it didn’t show up on them and using larger partition recovery software (called “Lost Partition”). I really don’t know how to get my data back because I have some important stuff in there or if it just disappeared.

The SSD is a 250 GB Kingston.

iv also tried to access the drive but put it in an external connector so that it is not the ports / cables.

Let me know if there is anything else I should add.

And sorry this might be a bit long I’m just trying to explain it the best I can


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