HP Omen PC cases to be sold direct later this year


HP will be selling its Omen cases directly to the public for the first time, allowing them to build their own gaming PCs. The announcement took place at CES 2022, where the company showcased a new 45L case with Cryo Chamber technology. As a full-size ATX case, the 45L is perfect for hobbyists and has enough room to accommodate the latest hardware.


Image: HP

The 45L is available in black with a tempered glass front and left side panel. On the front panel, there is a discreet diamond-shaped Omen logo on the front panel with the obligatory RGB lighting, configured with the integrated controller.

Other than a single 120-millimeter fan at the rear, there are no factory cooling options and buyers have to add their own. Some of the other features include a 360-millimeter dust filter and a 120-millimeter dust filter for the power supply. There are also two trays for 2.5 inch SATA SSDs and another pair for 3.5 inch hard drives.


HP 45L enclosure side view
The “Cryo Chamber” radiator compartment is visible at the top of the housing. Image: HP

HP designed the 45L with customization and durability in mind. It therefore has a modular design and is compatible with most liquid coolers, graphics cards and other industry standard equipment.

These are the components supported by the 45L.


Micro ATX: 244 by 244 millimeters

Full ATX: 244 by 305 millimeters

System fans

Up to seven by 120 millimeters, including (three in the front, one in the rear and three more in the cryogenic chamber)

GFX card length

Up to 380 millimeters

Storage support

SSD: two by 2.5 inches

Hard drive: two by 3.5 inches

Maximum power supply length

200 millimeters

Liquid cooling

Maximum size: 360 mm radiator

It also supports smaller radiators of 120, 140, 240 and 280 millimeters.

Cryogenic chamber

The unique feature offered by the 45L is its Cryo Chamber cooling technology. Instead of the radiator being placed inside, there is a separate compartment housing the radiator at the top of the case. This allows it to suck in cool air from outside the case instead of hot air from inside, theoretically improving cooling performance. The cryogenic chamber also contributes to quieter operation and doubles as a carrying handle.

So far, there is no confirmed release date or pricing available for the 45L case, but it is expected to drop sometime in 2022.


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