How to Update PS5 DualSense Controller on PC


The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is a popular choice among PC gamers who don’t always respect mouse and keyboard lifespans. But the DualSense doesn’t support Sony’s drivers and didn’t have the ability to update controller firmware without PS5 until now, that is.

Updating your DualSense controller is a snap and only requires a few steps instead of searching for a PS5 console. All you need to do is download a tool directly from Sony and have a compatible USB cable handy to plug your controller into the PC. Before we dive in, there’s no way to update multiple DualSense controllers at once, which means you’ll have to do each one separately.

Let’s see how to update a PS5 DualSense controller on PC.

  • Download the Firmware Update Tool for the DualSense Wireless Controller.
  • Save it to your desktop or wherever you want.
  • Run the installation file.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the installation.
    • During the installation process, you may be prompted to download additional software.
    • Follow the prompts to download the necessary software.
  • Launch the DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Update Tool.
  • Connect your DualSense controller to PC via USB cable.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to update your DualSense.
    • Do not disconnect your controller or turn off your PC during the update process.
  • A message will appear when the update is complete.
  • Click OK.

Updates are regularly released for the DualSense controller. You will be notified of these updates each time you launch the DualSense Wireless Controller Firmware Update Tool. Sony recommends keeping your DualSense up to date and regularly checking for updates to make sure you’re up to date.


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