How to make calculation-based decisions in metalworking

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If your business is involved in metalworking, you know that the success of this vital manufacturing process depends on many components. Important factors include the quality of the metals formed, the tools used and the skill level of the operator employed. Kennametal understands that precise calculations are required to ensure equipment and machine systems operate under the most demanding conditions.

With everything working together, multiple machining applications can be achieved at the highest level:

  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Threading
  • Turning

Each branch of quality metal engineering has its own set of calculations that result in technologies that enable exceptional performance and solve manufacturing problems. In end milling, operators need to calculate tangential force, torque, and machining power. Drilling calculators take into account speed, power output and hole size. Grooving applications require measuring the adjusted feed rate and chip load to achieve precision results.

Training skills, calculation tools and manuals to follow

If necessary, machine operators should use a technical calculator appropriate to the task at hand. Calculators do not always provide exact projections of cutting forces but provide useful theoretical values ​​for planning purposes. Businesses benefit from calculators throughout a variety of processes including face milling, threading, turning, Z-axis milling, and more.

The education of machinists and tool buyers plays a vital role in manufacturing useful parts and hardware for many industries. A Kennametal machining application course includes lectures, lab and machine demonstrations that cover the mechanics of machining, materials technology, tool selection and machine economics. ‘machining.

Additional training resources for your business include a selection of webinars and online courses in targeted areas:

  • The basics of metal cutting
  • Advances in milling
  • Advances in Hole Making
  • Specialized courses

Finally, your team can take advantage of the information provided by Kennametal’s quality technical catalogs. These interactive resources allow you to learn more about almost every aspect of precision metal fabrication. For example, in the area of ​​carbide parts and components, you can research carbide rods, research solutions for oil and gas applications, and investigate separation solutions for centrifuges.

State-of-the-art metalworking tools

The best products for metal fabrication have long life and provide exceptional material/metal removal rates, among the most important measures for efficiency. The Kennametal FIX8 clearly illustrates the power of advanced technology for an innovative turning insert and tool holder. With eight cutting edges per insert, this unit is ideal for medium machining and roughing. It has the lowest cost per edge in the industry.

An impressive cutting depth of up to 12 mm and a feed rate of up to 1.4 mm enable high chip removal rates in steel, cast iron and stainless steels. The advanced design of the tool allows the system to withstand high loads even with low power turns. A carbide shim improves accuracy while increasing operator safety.

The international metalworking industry is a key driver of the economy and is poised for growth in the years to come. Your business can take advantage of this demand with quality tools, exceptional training resources, and best practices.

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