Harley-Davidson Black Block is how they spelled in a small country


Lithuania is a small country hidden somewhere in the Baltic region of Europe. Less than 3 million people make up its population, and other than the beautiful geography and the peace and quiet it offers, it is not really famous for anything. Certainly not for the construction of motorcycles.

Yet it is precisely from this small country that a custom motorcycle store comes from which is trying to make a name for itself in this industry. It’s called Tommy and Sons, and we’ve featured them a few times before.

Like most small European stores, this one also sets its sights on Harley-Davidsons and has created a number of unique ones over the years. Unlike the big names in the mainland industry, Tommy and Sons usually don’t stick with just one base model, but rather love to experiment.

We’ve seen this before with the Sporstero Scramblero, which started life as a 2016 Sportster, and the Sinner, which was originally a 2018 Breakout, but now it’s time for something a little more direct. , the longest trip -oriented Black Block.

Under that name, and a bunch of custom gear neatly fitted in there, sits a 2013 Ultra Limited. It keeps its overall stance, but has been made sharper and a bit more aggressive by talented Lithuanian hands.

The most noticeable change up front is the addition of a much larger wheel, a 23-inch piece that sports Avon Cobra rubber. Then, moving backwards, we get lightly massaged body parts, all wrapped in custom paint, fitted but devoid of any unnecessary adornment other than the name given to the build.

Mechanically, the engine remains the original one, linked to the 6-speed transmission, but this time it exhales through an in-house manufactured exhaust system. The triple shaft is also made by Tommy and Sons, as are the handlebars and foot controls, which were designed to work with existing Harley hardware.

We are not told how much it costs to assemble the Black Block, because that is how Europeans ride.


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